A Speech on Knowledge Is Power Template

Today I welcome you everyone to this seminar on the topic of Knowledge. Hope you will spare your time to listen to my speech on the power of knowledge.

‘Knowledge is Power’ is a well-known proverb said by Sir Francis Bacon, which means that knowledge is a true power that always remains with the person to help and guide him/her in both the good and bad times. Knowledge makes a person powerful and confident enough to win over any condition that comes in their lives. Knowledge is the gift that will serve you through your entire life. The most powerful thing in the world is knowledge because it can both destroy and create many things on earth. A person full of good knowledge will be able to control all the adverse circumstances in life.

The meaning of this phrase Knowledge is power means that if one has complete knowledge, he/she can become more powerful in the world and do not need any other things or abilities in their lives. Knowledge is the strongest thing that gives power to people which cannot be achieved by other things. Knowledge and power help to address various difficulties in life of any person. We can describe it like that knowledge gives power and power gives knowledge to every person.

Knowledge is the name of that incredible power which has showed the difference in man from other animals of earth. Human beings cannot compete with the animals in terms of their physical power but still they have been considered as the most powerful creature on the earth just by the help of knowledge.

Humans are very weak than animals in terms of physical strength but they have achieved many things for years and have become the most powerful creature on earth. All humans get their power from good knowledge not from physical strength. Human beings are the most intelligent children of Mother Nature, they have ability to acquire knowledge and use their knowledge in a proper way, and they try to save their experiences in the books in order to pass those precious knowledge to the new generations.

Knowledge gives us the power and ability to know and determine how to control the good and bad forces of nature and using them in a proper way to get good benefits.

Knowledge helps us to channel and convert our thoughts and plans into the right direction and enables to us to realize the differences between right and wrong in every aspects of our life. It helps us to fight and overcome our weaknesses and problems as well as makes us confident enough to face the dangers and difficulties in our life. It makes a person very powerful by providing him/ her with the mental, moral and spiritual progress in the life.

Without any doubt, we can say that knowledge is the latest power which can offer innumerable happiness to the people if it is used in the right and good way especially for the well-being of the entire mankind. Knowledge opens various opportunities for people and also the way to achieve those success.

Thank you very much to all of you.

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