A Speech on Obesity

Welcome everyone in this campaign of ours. Today I would like to deliver my speech on obesity. Hope you will all support me.

Obesity has become a very concerning issue for the youths of the modern generation. It is a medical condition or problem in which a person gains excessive body fat. This problematic health condition occurs when the intake of calories of a person is higher than the calories burnt out.

What is obesity?

In the situation of obesity, the body fat accumulates to such a level that it results in some adverse effects for an individual’s health. Obesity is measured and determined by the scale of Body Mass Index (BMI), and a person is considered to be obese when the BMI is above 30kg/m2.

Body Mass Index or BMI is a tool that is used by doctors to assess the required weight of a person for remaining healthy. This BMI is measured on the basis of the person’s height, gender and age. Obesity is the overload of fat on the adipose tissue, which has very frightening consequences for our health.

Causes of obesity:

There can be numerous causes, like taking alcohol, junk food, intake of various types of medicines, hormonal disorder are some factors that lead to obesity. Habit of consuming a high amount of calorie, especially fats and sugars, without doing any physical activities regularly to burn out the energy can be deposited as body fat.

Obesity can be one type of genetic disease as well. A family suffering from obesity can cause their offspring to inherit the same nature like their parents, thus leading to obesity.

Some diseases like the problem in gall bladder, high blood pressure, coronary heart issues and some critical illness can also be a reason for obesity.

Effects of obesity:

The rapid and frightening growth of obesity in modern times has led to the acceleration of the death rate and critical health conditions among people. Sometimes, the problem of obesity can lead to premature death, as well. It can even give rise to various other critical diseases. Cardiac arrests can take place due to obesity, including other types of cardiovascular diseases. Other adverse effects can be high blood pressure, high blood sugar and an increase in the cholesterol level, and it also leads to the reduction of self-confidence in an individual.


As we all believe is this proverb that “Prevention is better than cure”, therefore it is very important to take serious steps to stop the rapid increase of this problem called obesity. Proper education programs and awareness about the causes and prevention of obesity should be carried out by some organizations and also the government to make the common people well aware of the fact that this dreadful illness can be prevented. Healthy eating and the habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a very young age is the only way to curb this health problem.

Therefore we all have to lead a careful and healthy life to be safe and sound in the future.

Thank you once again for your time and patience.

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