A Speech on Self- Discipline

Speech on Self-Discipline and Its Importance: The proper meaning of self-discipline is to control one’s temper and resist the temptations within them. Also, to try their best to make right decisions and do activities that would help one positively.

Self-discipline is a very important virtue of a man, and all the humans should try to attain it to some extent. There are various ways in which one can attain that. Self-discipline varies from a person to another, as time changes.

First, I would want to show that how self-discipline is an essential virtue for all of us. Irrespective of the age, we all should have self-discipline in ourselves. Self-discipline is when you know to utilize your time properly. In some cases, when we are enjoying ourselves, we all have a tendency to immerse ourselves in a fit of happiness and relaxation. And therefore we try to choose the way to neglect the other various important works. We keep neglecting and delaying to do that work, which could have been completed a long time before, if we were a bit more serious and focused.

Talking about the proper focus, we frequently get distracted while doing some other things. Our mind and attention seems to wander off, and we completely forget what we were doing. With the help of self-discipline, it wouldn’t be a problem like that. We need to try our very best to improve ourselves at every important moment. Improving ourselves is also a beneficial part of self-discipline.

Children need to learn the proper discipline from a young age. We need to educate them about the basic ethics and mannerisms of a good human being. We have to show them to use polite speech including the things like saying “sorry,” “please,” “ beg your pardon,” and many more. Then things like, respecting your seniors and elders, helping others out at the time when they need your help.

Some people are brought up as a self-disciplined person, whereas, others have to put in some labor in the desire of achieving it. To become a self-discipline person, one should engage in the practice of meditation. Meditation helps to calm the mind of a person and to become a cool-tempered person. It helps you to control your innermost desires and urges and thus channeling your energy to the right path in life.

Hobbies can always help you to relieve your stress, and it is also a very good way to learn something new and fun. 

Try to go to bed early, or read a good book before going to bed instead of staying awake until the dawn. It’s very bad for our mental and physical health.

Self-discipline is very important as it teaches us to be a better human and also to be the better versions of ourselves. To be a decent, caring, polite and loving person of the society. Self-love is also an essential part of the virtue called self-discipline. You are doing this not for others but for your own good. 

Therefore always try to be a polite and respectable person.

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