A Speech on Unemployment (Template)

Unemployment is a very serious and problematic issue of our country and all over the world. There are millions of people in this world who do not have any kind of job to earn their bread and feed their family members. 

The problem of unemployment is a very major problem of the society in of country. We can say that, the main reason for unemployment in any country is the rapidly increasing population and the huge demand for jobs. 


We all know about the fact that what unemployment actually is. But unemployment does not only mean that any person has no means to work and earn. On the other hand, unemployment also includes those people who are working in areas that are out of their knowledge and skills.

The different types of unemployment consist of disguised unemployment, seasonal unemployment, open unemployment, technological unemployment, and structural unemployment.

The seasonal unemployment, under unemployment, and disguised unemployment are very common and well known examples of unemployment in many countries.

Reasons of unemployment

In our country, there are a lot of reasons of unemployment; one of them can be noted as the rapid growth in the rate of population of the nation. Some reasons are population growth, slow economic growth, seasonal occupation etc.

These are the major factors and reasons for the ever growing problem of unemployment in our country. The condition is now so extreme that well educated people are ready for doing the duty of a sweeper as an employee. The government is not taking the problem seriously and that’s a huge issue we should worry about. Another problem can be noted as the huge workers in the agricultural sector.

The agriculture sector only can provide job in the harvesting or plantation seasons. The rapidly increasing population of our country needs a big number of jobs every year which the government is unable to offer.

Consequences of unemployment

If this problem continues for a long time, then the problem of unemployment will become a major issue for the society as well as the nation. Another problem can be seen for the unemployment can be the increase in poverty.

These problems lead to the crimes like, exploitation of labors, political instability, mental health condition, and loss of the skills. All of these can eventually affect the nation in a very bad manner.

Our government should take a serious initiative and implement some schemes to help the talented but unemployed persons of our country to earn in a respectable manner.


We can conclude by saying that the problem of unemployment is a very important issue which have to be handled by all of us equally. We all need work to earn money to secure our and our families future. We have to earn in a good way by the help of our talent to become a respectable citizen of our country.

Therefore we have to try our best to eliminate the problem of our country like unemployment.

Thank you very much.

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