A Speech on Value of Time

A Very good morning to one and all present here, thank you for making some time for your busy schedule to join today’s presentation in which we will be discussing the value of time.We all know the value of something only after we lose it, same with time. We don’t realise its value until we lose it. As time cannot be stopped by anyone and also  one cannot reverse time. So we should stop wasting and procrastinating so that  we don’t regret it  later.

The greater part of individuals value money more than the time anyway the facts confirm that nothing is as important as time. It is time which gives us money,prosperity and joy anyway nothing in this world can give time. Time must be utilized; one can never purchase or sell it. The majority of individuals carry on with their life in futile manner. They make the most of their time by just eating, playing or other apathetic exercises with their companions. In this manner they go through days and years. They never imagine what they are doing, in what ways they are utilizing their time, and so forth Indeed, even they never regret misusing time and never become sorry.

In the busy daily routine, npo one even realises  the value asset within our means, which can be controlled by us and if used every bit of it ,  surely success will come our way. Value can be cherished only by the people who have lost it , sometimes the damage can be repaired but sometimes not. If a critically injured patient is brought in for an emergency an hour later life is lost, their family will tell you the value of one hour. An athlete who lost the race by a difference of one second will tell the value of one second. It doesn’t matter how much but as small as one second can change life in different ways.

If only one understands how precious time is, they will  cherish each and every moment and live to their fullest.How can we use time effectively?Above all , accomplishing something helpful causes an individual to feel better. Individuals would absolutely feel much improved once they accomplish more tasks.

This remains constant for everybody, in any event, for the individuals who are not succesfull.One great method of taking care of a responsibility is to separate it. In this way, it gets simpler for an individual to play out these minor tasks.The individual ought to slowly do one minor errand after another. This should proceed until the individual finishes all the tasks.

Taking everything into account, Time is most likely the best asset we have. Everybody has the occasion to capitalize on the Time. Most importantly, it is exceptionally simple to burn through and lose Time. Thus,one must be extremely cautious with appropriately utilizing Time. Finally i would like to conclude by saying, Live as if you were to die the next day, Value time while cherishing every small thing in life.

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