A Speech on Waste Management

Wish you all a very good morning. Today I want to talk with you about the causes and effects of Waste management for the improvement of our healthy lifestyle.

First of all we will discuss about the definition of waste management.

Waste management includes the activities need to manage waste from its source to its final disposal, along with the monitoring and regulation of process of managing the waste. To say in a simple way waste management is the handling process of the discarded material to prevent our environment from further pollution.

There can be found eight major categories of waste management. The categories include source reduction and reuse, animal feeding, recycling, composting, fermentation, landfills, incineration and land application. Now we can say the there are four types of wastes like Industrial waste, commercial waste, Domestic waste and agricultural waste.

These all are the wastes which plays a major role in contaminating our life sources like air, water, soil etc. Waste management involves the daily or consistent collection, transportation and processing or disposal or recycling of various types of wastes material or substances. This process can save money as well. The term waste can describe the wide variety of discarded foods, leaves, newspapers, industrial debris bottles and radioactive materials etc.

A primary target of waste management is to protect the lives and environment from harmful effects of waste.

Who have to manage the waste?

Each and every individual, business, industry, hospital-authority and agricultural landowners or farmers must make decisions and take some responsibility regarding its own wastes and garbage.

On a vast view all governmental and local agencies or groups enforce waste management regulations and procedures.

Results of waste management:

Proper and planned disposal of waste relocates wastes to the areas, or being destroyed in a way where those will not cause any harmful result will be the main purpose of the waste management process. Removing waste from public areas helps in reducing the risks to our health and habitat. It reduces the exposure to biohazards, the infestation of pest and also the contamination of the drinking water.

It decreases the rate of the diseases like heart and respiratory malfunction and allergies. The main motto of the waste management can be Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We can also be responsible at our home like recycling the products of our daily usage like glass, paper, plastic and tin etc.

It helps in managing the proper balance of the eco-system. Thus we can act like a dutiful and responsible citizen of our country.


We need to focus on our bad habits which can produce the harmful substances or particles and results in the great harm for our environment, climate as well our eco-system. It is our duty to educate people and increase the awareness in the people of our society regarding the good qualities of the proper and scientific waste management process by the help of various seminars, campaigns and cultural programs.

This way we can help our environment and also the members of the young generation.

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