65+ Depression Pain Heartbroken Quotes Help You To Heal

Even though you might be mentally in a tough situation, these powerful quotes mentioned below will help you to ignite the fire within you.

These quotes will aid you in seeing the light even when you are going through bad times in your life.

Depression Pain Heartbroken Quotes

  • Individuals can be judgmental if they are not sure about what depression exactly is.
  • Each and every person has his own secret sorrows, which the world is ignorant of, and we usually call a man cold once he becomes sad.
Depression Pain Heartbroken Quotes
  • I had no intention of waking up, for I was having a far better time while I was asleep. 
  • Mental agony is not as dramatic as compared to physical pain; however, it is harder to endure and also more common.
  • It is simpler to say that “My head is paining” than to assert that “My heart has been broken.”
  • Loneliness is on my left, and depression is on my right. There is no need for them to show their badges to me. I am aware of them pretty well.
  • I am not able to eat or sleep properly. I am not functioning well as a normal human, you know?

  • The best cures for depression happen to be hot baths and noble deeds.

  • I will not be able to forget how loneliness and depression felt both good and bad simultaneously. It still does the same to me.

  • To be depressed and to be sad are so different.

Depression Pain Heartbroken Quotes
  • Hope for the best: toy will be able to get rid of depression.

  • Nothing can be sadder than an illusion’s death.

  • Please do not make any attempt to judge the manner in which someone is coping with a pain never experienced by you.

  • Every day gives us a second opportunity.

  • I am in need of a long and loving hug that will allow me to forget all the worries of life.

  • Although we make an attempt to conceal our feelings, we tend to forget what our eyes say.

  • Although less dramatic as compared to physical agony, mental pain is harder to endure and is more common as well.

  • You happen to be a good person for the methods you made in an attempt to kill your sorrow.

  • Even though I am afraid, I am not broken. Even though I am exhausted, I am still full of life. Even though I am broken, I am not disfigured. Even though I am annoyed, I am not bitter. Even though I am depressed, I am not going to give up.

Depression Pain Heartbroken Quotes
  • Something broke within me, and I can describe it in that manner.

  • Having depression and anxiety is similar to being fatigued and intimidated at the same time. It demands friends but does not like to socialize. It wants to be alone but does not like to be lonely.

  • In case you know that somebody is depressed, do not ask him or her reason for that. It is quite tough to answer this particular question. Depression is similar to the weather.

  • Even though I suffer from depression, I like to assert that I fight it instead of suffering from it. Although depression strikes, I strike back hard at it. The battle is always on.

  • Even though you appear to be in a happy state of mind, you are not actually so. This is what depression will do to you.

  • Being anxious and depressed is similar to being tired and frightened at the same time. 

  • Once I had spent some good months, it seemed to me that my depression phase was over. But still, it comes back silently. It is an ongoing battle that I have been fighting for the last few years. I am tired of knowing that it is always going to return.

  • None realizes how difficult it is for someone suffering from depression to do daily activities like getting out of bed, taking a bath, and combing their hair.

Depression Pain Heartbroken Quotes
  • My forest happens to be dark right now. The butterflies are suffering from broken wings, and the trees happen to be sad as well.

  • Many people fail to comprehend the fact that depression is concerned about the inside and not the outside.

  • When I am overcome by depression, I am not able to push through it. I need to shut out the world by closing my door. It is the best way for me to survive at that time.

  • Once you become depressed, it is your thoughts that control you, and you are not able to control them anymore. I only hope that people are able to comprehend this fact.

  • Slumber becomes an escape from depression; it is not slumbering anymore.

  • I am of the notion that the saddest folks try their best to make others feel happy since they know what it is like to become sad, and they don’t like anyone to be sad like them.

  • You might be feeling extremely depressed all the while and are trying to find a way to escape it. But bear in mind that you will not feel like this forever, and you will get rid of depression one day. Keep going.

  • Instead of swinging, my moods tend to pivot, bounce, recoil and oscillate. It fluctuates regularly from time to time.

  • I do not give any excuse for my depression. Trust me. I rather try my best to overcome it.

depression sayings
  • It seems to me that I am stuck right here while everyone else is on the move. Climbing out of this situation is hard.

  • I try my best to conceal all my scars by asserting that I am okay.

  • Folks are of the notion that depression means sadness. However, they are wrong since depression actually means being numb in life.

  • Depression happens to be a bruise that will never go away. It lies deep within your mind. 

  • I miss my old happy self when I have been smiling and joking constantly. Those days have already gone.

  • Depression exists without you being aware of its existence. It will take some time before you are able to realize it.

  • When I get depressed, I want to scream and yell and ask myself when I will be able to get out of that situation.
depression sayings

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