Speech on All Students Should Wear School Uniform

Many debates carry on with making school students wear school uniforms a mandatory; however, when we take a majority of schools around the globe, a high percentage of surveys end up supporting school uniforms. Most of the schools agree that these uniforms do help in a lot of matters like reducing instances of bullying, removing economic barriers and building feelings among the community. It also helps with other matters like decreasing distractions, increasing respect for each student and preparing students to learn professional dressing.

There are many reasons behind promoting school uniforms in schools. Few are:

School uniforms develop good learning. Every school has a tough and diligent curriculum to follow and learn. If the child spends more time thinking on what to wear or how to dress up can affect a lot with their classes and their focus. So only the uniforms are designed in such a way, with no heavy accessories and styles; they are plain and subtle. 

School uniforms nurture a sense of equality and social connection. Unhealthy competitive thoughts and feelings are reduced among students, when they have similar dress choices or expectations. No community and colour barriers. One’s character is never dependent on what they wear. The school opens up a wide opportunity to learn new cultures, with a professional touch; and school uniforms could help them in college and beyond to create a team spirit within their classroom and life together. No one is left out exculded; but to keep socializing.

School uniforms are more affordable and improve safety. Easier to identify intruders, as they stand out in the crowd; and also to keep a track on the students on what they carry along with them to school premises. These uniforms come at affordable rates that parents do not have to buy them every year. They only have to get in case the uniform gets older or the child grows. All the uniforms are made with an option to wash and reuse quite a few times. Overall, families do save a lot of money on school uniforms as they won’t be changing like the fashion trends.

School uniforms teach students about self-discipline. It is hard for children to keep themself clean and neat a complete day; and at school it is a strict rule to keep our uniforms tidy. Assuring a habit of neatness is part of letting students to follow certain rules. And maintaining a neat and tidy dress code is one of the best rules to keep up the school standards.

Wearing a school uniform is like a symbol of pride, it generates an identity for the school and is always a proud feeling to flaunt the name of our school. School uniforms show that we are part of something, and say out loud that, “We are all in this together”. No matter what the community is, what kind of family background we are from, or what the colour of our skin is, every student is one under this one big roof.

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