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Student’s life is the foundation of learning. Students must face all possible situations and prepare for the future. In this article, we have collected the best and coolest WhatsApp status for students in all disciplines. Put it in your friend’s state.

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Best WhatsApp Statuses For College Students

Magic can happen overnight, especially the night before the deadline. 

When I die, I hope my teammates in the group project can bury me in the grave and let them disappoint me for the last time. 

None of my tasks were completed, but they did. 

Stop encouraging everyone to go to college. There are not enough parking spaces. 

If tomorrow is not the due date, then today is not the due date either. 

Use the promo code Netflix to get a 50% discount. 

The only club I like is sandwiches. 

I swear it was Friday five minutes ago. 

Maybe you don’t like Monday either.

Going to college is like crossing the road and looking around before being hit by a plane. 

You cannot write UNIVERSITY without the letter L. 

To-do list: stay awake. 

3 days in the new semester: I tried it. Tried it. 

The rose is red, and the university is long. 

I wish I had a college discount on Black Friday so that I can complete this semester and get it for free. 

Lord, take my grade point average. 

Study skills: get up. Stretch outgo for a walk. Go to the airport, don’t stop. 

There is no fun not doing anything; fun is doing a lot rather than doing it. 

Alexa, play Cry Me A River. 

I don’t always have time to study. But if I did this, I still didn’t. 

Drink coffee for my achievements. 

Can I get an extension of the injunction? 

I love you over. Now please love me too 

Sleep next to my notes, hoping they penetrate into my brain. 

The only dream I can have is to sneeze with my eyes closed. 

I am submitting my notes for acceptance because I cannot upload them myself.

When you feel tired, clap your hands. 

There are 50 shades of dark circles under the eyes. 

Thank you for the next semester. 

Alexa, let’s have summer vacation. 

Compared to studying, I prefer to talk on the phone and worry about how to overcome difficulties. 

Why take the exam when you might pass the exam? 

Almost 3% of me are human and 97% are stressed. 

Dear graduates, hard work is not good for our relationship. 

This girl needs a nap. 

Please drink coffee.

Be prepared to get the A of NAP. 

Become a cupcake in the muffin world. 

If something does not go as planned, change it. 

If you want to change the world, start by making the bed. 

You can do this. The ending of the story. 

There will be no benefit to your comfort zone. 

Unless you do, it always seems impossible. 

Smart girls know their limits. A smart girl knew she didn’t have them. 

If someone tells you you can’t, do it twice and take a photo. 

Don’t stop before you are proud. 

Once you become fearless, life becomes unlimited. 

Set goals and break them down. 

Life is a journey, not a race. 

No rain, no flowers. 

When talents do not work hard, hard work is better than talents.

You have my heart. 

Find your tribe. 

I can’t say no. 

The family of your choice. 

Everything is going well, people are crazy. 

Do whatever you want. 

I do not share pizza with anyone. 

You can’t do big things with important people. 

Kill together, persevere together. 

Is it too late to become a novice again?

Get ready for new adventures. 

Here are all the interesting memories, nights and coffee that brought me here. 

BRB. We are studying the next big thing.

I don’t know where I am going. But I promise you will not get bored.

Nothing changes every day, but in retrospect everything is different. Isn’t it weird? 

It takes courage to grow and become who you are. 

The journey from morning to night is long, but I survived. 

The brush is worth it. 

Here to ignite the world. 

When you are scared, they know you are on the right track. 

Am I alone or is it warmer here? 

It would be nice if we could turn back time. 

New chapter. Bigger goals 

One step closer.

Let your hat fly as high as your dream.

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WhatsApp Statuses For Medical Students

Wang! Now my name starts with Doctor. 

I can’t believe that I successfully passed out while studying medicine. 

This white coat is my childhood dream! 

I am absolutely committed to humanity! This is my job. Not a perfect match? 

I must save your life! 

When I see a new-born baby winking at me, all these years of hard work have yielded results! 

Believe me, I am about to become a doctor.

This is the first day of my surgery. 

Thank you for the success of the medical degree! Thanks also to the surgeon! 

If intravenous injection can also be a good doctor, I will be a living example! 

The hospital is my home, and patients are my top priority! 

Don’t sign me just because my handwriting is illegible! 

This almost proves that my brain can only remember medical terms (haha)! 

Today is my first day at work. Poor me! I don’t have time to play, relax with friends! 

I don’t want you to go to my room, because I always hope that my patients can live healthily without me! 

My mother will be proud to find that I saved my life today! 

In order to be your future doctor, I spent sleepless nights! 

I will become a full-time doctor! 

Thanks to all the sisters who care and love as much as we do! 

The world is being destroyed, I must become a doctor! 

I dream of becoming a doctor and becoming a doctor!

Goodbye dear! It’s time to start my work! 

People say that doctors don’t cry, but we don’t admit it! 

You have a problem, I am your solution! 

Let me repair your heart! 

My family can now have a free medical examination at any time!

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Sweet WhatsApp Status For Art School Students

Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only one who never takes it seriously. • The main enemy of creativity is common sense. 

Art is revolution or plagiarism. 

I never draw dreams or nightmares. I embrace the reality. 

There is no art of working with the mind without hands. 

When I draw something, I don’t want to explain what it is. 

Art is not what you see, but what you do and what others see. 

Like all love, all art is rooted in pain. 

Fill in the gaps well. 

Copy bad artists. Good artists steal. 

Art is my life, my life is art 

I paint better than I said. 

Every artist is an amateur at first. 

I will either become an artist or have nothing! 

I draw self-portraits because I am often alone, because I know myself best.

Becoming an artist is the same as being a magician… except that instead of using a wand, you use a pencil to perform magic. 

Drawing takes time. The line has time. 

Art is not necessarily beautiful. This should be important. 

A born artist. Every kind of art is a masterpiece. 

Art is not a talent. This is an experience. 

Art should calm anxiety and disrupt comfort.

Art is not what you see, but what you let others see. 

Art is a line around your ideas. 

Art is freedom. The ability to bend what most people consider to be a straight line. 

Art is the journey of a free soul. 

Art is what happens when you dare to be yourself. 

Art is not a job or a hobby. Art is a way of being 

Art is the journey of a free soul. 

Every child is an artist

Art is an experience, not an object. 

I dream about my photos and describe my dreams

Every emotional portrait is a portrait of an artist, not a model. 

I do not describe dreams or nightmares, I describe my reality. 

Painting is the silence of thought and the music of eyes 

Create with heart; build wisely. 

I describe the mind and soul as I see it. 

Creativity is wisdom and fun. 

Learn the rules like a professional so you can break them like an artist. 

Art is therapy. 

There is peace even in the storm. 

Art is an experience, not an object.

When you dare to be who you are, art will happen. 

An artist without talent is nothing, and a talent without work is nothing. 

The lazy artist has not created any masterpieces. 

Creativity means allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which one to leave. 

Art is a line around your ideas.

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Witty WhatsApp Statuses And Messages For Law Students

I only the speak the language; LEGAL 

Adjourned & Overruled. 

Believe me, I am (almost) a lawyer. 

Graduated from law school. 

Let us spread Advocate awareness. 

All you need is love and a good lawyer. 

Goodbye, Lawyer. 

Depressed, but not obvious. 

Pain is temporary; passing through the bar is forever.

The first few days are the most difficult. 

Believe that you can and have succeeded in half. 

To be a good lawyer, you need to know when to shut up. But these are not people who go to law school. 

If there are no bad people, there can be no good lawyers. 

If the perpetrator is acquitted, the judge will be found guilty.

I broke a mirror and had no luck for seven years, but my lawyer thought he could give me five years. 

Lawyers are like doctors: one speaks, the other contradicts itself. 

A lawyer is a person who writes a 10,000-word document and gives a brief introduction. 

If you read something you don’t understand, please rest assured that it was written by a lawyer. 

The lawyer will do everything possible to win the case, sometimes even telling the truth. 

I don’t like lawyers, mother. No one likes lawyers, kids. 

A lawyer is the only person whose ignorance of the law does not constitute a criminal offence. 

There are only corridors in the corridors of justice.

I want to skip today’s lesson. Why is this the law? 

Anyone who is his own lawyer is a fool for the client.

Only lawyers and artists can turn white into black.

WhatsApp Statuses And Messages For School Students

School surprise 

Saved by the bell 

New Year, new me 

We started from the first year, how did we get to this point? 

My home away from home 

Commemorate the summer vacation 

Work harder

Get ready to get an A in your sleep

This is the best time of the year. 

I like school, but not the whole school. 

I’m here to have a good time. 

Grow up, put on a mask, and get ready to go. 

Use your mind to work, not power. 

The secret of success is the beginning. 

Remember: a book, a pen, a child and a teacher can change the world. 

If you were born different, why should you say it out loud? 

You will never be too old to set another goal or dream another dream. 

You will never be over-attracted or educated.

Be a productive circle in a happy world. 

There is a brain in the head. He has legs on his feet. You can move in any direction. 

If the plan does not work, change the plan instead of the goal. 

There is nothing to pay attention to. 

They say people who are waiting will get good news, so I will be at least an hour late. 

We will never forget these days. 

This is our home, this is our rule.

I can ask you to hold her hand at school, but I will show you how to get it. 

Nothing can stop me, I stood up completely. 

Beat me nine times and get up ten times.

Students WhatsApp Statuses And Messages

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