Loss Of Grandfather: 69+ Best Sympathy Cards Messages

Grandfathers are like the trees full of shades in our life. We always find affection, love, and warmth from them. They are the first partner in our play. They tell us stories about their father, which is the most fun experience in our life.

Everyone can vividly remember their evening walk with grandfather. After our parents where we can rely on about every problem in our life are the grandparents.

Grandfather is the first person who gives us the morality teaching the first time. Losing such a friend like them is like being thunderstruck. Their place in our memory is permanent. Here are some sympathy messages for a person who lost his grandfather:

Sympathy cards Messages for Loss of Grandfather

– Your grandfather was one of the wonderful people I ever met. You have my deepest condolences.

– Your loss is sorrowful to me. Accept my sympathy through this card.

– Your grandfather will be remembered fondly as he was a remarkable person. You have my sympathy for your family.

– Your loss is great. He was a compassionate person and the nicest in his behavior. We all surely keep him in our hearts forever. Accept my support and condolence.

– He was a caring person who cared for all he knows. Let’s not forget him ever.

– I am at a loss of words on hearing such sad news. Hope your family will get the strength to overcome this situation.

– I know that You are experiencing terrible grief. I extend my mental support to all of you.

– I am very heartsick after hearing your loss. Please have my heartfelt sympathetic feelings

– Grandfathers are like big trees which give us shade in scorching situations. I know it is terrible to lose him. Please have my sympathy.

 – Humans don’t remain forever, but memories remain.

– I am remorseful for your loss. Words are not always a good medium to express but please accept this card as a token of my condolence.

– In many bends on our road, we lose someone. It is hard to say goodbye.

Sympathy Card Messages For Loss Of Grandfather

– It is hard to bid goodbye. My mind is sorrowful for your loss.

– Memories are hard to forget. I have no word to soothe you. Hope he gets peace.

– My contrite mind says sorry.

– Humans are memories when they are no more with us. But they remain within us.

– Sharing your sadness will help you more. I am always with you.

– He is unforgettable and loveable. Let’s celebrate his remarkable life.

– I know nothing can ease your pain but my help will be always here for you whenever you need it.

– Words are not enough to express my grief. Love and support to the family.

– Please accept this card as a token of love and support for you and your family.

– My deepest condolences to such a wonderful person.

– I know you are in a difficult time. My mind is with you forever.

– I’m penitent for your loss. Hope this card helps you to comfort.

– My heart is with you in this difficult time.

– The news is shocking. Hope her eternal journey will be smooth.

– – I send this card to sympathize with you for the loss of your sister.

– I am really penitent for you. She was one of the most graceful women I have ever met in my life. Word seems to be inadequate to express my feeling. I will be thinking of you in the coming days and will pray for your family.

– Sadness has taken over my mind. It was great to witness your bond with him.

– I want to sincerely sympathize with you on your great loss. Hope god will give you some courage to move on from the sadness and grief.

– When somebody moves away from our life grief takes over our mind. Let’s try to reveal him in your mind this will help you in this time.

Sympathy Card Messages For Loss Of Grandfather

– Let’s pray that the almighty God will give you some courage to get over this difficult situation.

– I know you are having a difficult time. But things will be better over time. I am praying for you.

– Lets pray for him that he finds peace in eternity.

– The news shocked me. Hope God will extend his hand to you and to your family for help.

– I have no words to console you. Please accept this card as a token of love and sympathy.

– I feel privileged, as I knew him personally. He was a stunning personality I have seen. Hope he rests in peace.

– Peace be with him. Much love and support to your family.

– Words cannot express my mind now. Please accept my condolence. You have my support for your family.

– Let’s adore his memories forever. Peace be with him.

– Let the peace come from his fond memories. Accept my sympathy.

– Your loss is irreparable. Hope he finds peace in god.

– He has left us with his sweet memories lets cherish those and let’s pray as he prayed for us.

– Sorrow and grief cannot be shared. Hope god will comfort you and help you at this moment. This hard time will get over very soon. Let the Almighty God’s grace prevail us.

– We all need to turn to others for help sometimes to get over a situation. Your grief cannot be shared but hope we can comfort you a little. Please accept this card as I extend my deepest condolence.

– My family along with me will pray for your family so that you get over this situation.

– Grandfathers are childhood guides to us. His loss seems terrible. Hope this card will comfort you a little.

– Your loss caused sorrow. He will always be in our minds and prayer. Hope god may comfort you.

– My heartfelt compassion for your family. Tell me all the feelings you have, you will feel good. We are always here at your side.

– Words will be less if I try to express my feelings. Please accept this card as a token of sympathy from me towards you and your family.

– Sending you deepest sympathy through this card.

Sympathy Card Messages For Loss Of Grandfather

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