165+ Famous condolence quotes

People go through different kinds of losses. Sympathy is something that should be given to people who have suffered losses. Here are some sympathy quotes by some great personalities.

Famous condolence quotes

– Pain should be embraced and used as the fuel of our voyage. – Kenji Miyazawa

– Let the grateful memories survive in the time of grief like a bird sings on a rainy day. – Robert Louis Stevenson

– Let the gratifying retentions live in the time of mourning like a bird hums on a rainy day. – Robert Louis Stevenson

– Let the pleasing recalls last in the time of sadness like a bird carols on a rainy day. – Robert Louis Stevenson

– Pain should be hugged and blazed as the energy of our expedition. – Kenji Miyazawa

– Let the pleasant recollections continue in the time of sorrow like a bird sings on a rainy day. – Robert Louis Stevenson

– Tears are holy. They do not mean one is feeble. They are the sign of power. – Washington Irving

– Crying is sacred. It does not mean one is frail. It is the indication of strength. – Washington Irving

– Pain should be held and flamed as the power of our journey. – Kenji Miyazawa

– Sobbing is blessed. It does not mean one is pathetic. It is the symbol of energy. – Washington Irving

– Weeping is revered. It does not mean one is weak. It is the mark of power. – Washington Irving

– If a day is well spent, it will bring a happy sleep. If life is well spent, it will bring a happy death. – Leonardo da Vinci

– To have a happy sleep, have a well-spent day. To have a happy death, have a well-spent life. – Leonardo da Vinci

– If you want to sleep happily, spend your day happily. If you want to die happily, spend your life happily. – Leonardo da Vinci 

– Sorrow should be felt. But sinking under its dominance should not be done.  – Confucius

– Feeling the sorrow is fine. But one should not let it sink them under its oppression. – Confucius

– One should not get buried under sorrow’s dominance. Feeling it is fine. – Confucius

– One can feel the sorrow but should avoid getting buried under its domination. – Confucius 

– Recalling happiness in times of misery is the greatest sorrow. – Dante Alighieri

– Greatest sorrow is recalling happiness in the time of unhappiness. – Dante Alighieri

– When unhappiness is recalled in the times of misery, that is the greatest sorrow. – Dante Alighieri

– There is so much trouble in the world because there is so less sympathy. – Oscar Wilde

– So much trouble of the world is due to so much less sympathy. – Oscar Wilde

– So little sympathy that is there in the world leads to so much trouble in the world. – Oscar Wilde

– Pain should be held close and burned as the fuel of our travel. – Kenji Miyazawa

– Silent language of grief is known as tears. – Voltaire

– What is known as the silent language of grief is tears. – Voltaire 

– If anything that can be called the silent language of sorrow is torn. – Voltaire

– When you are sad, feel deep through in your heart. You will find that you are lamenting over something which at a point of time was very dear to you. – Khalid Gibran

Famous condolence quotes

_  When you are grief-stricken, go deep below in your heart. You will discover that you are mourning over something which, at a point in life, was very beloved to you. – Khalid Gibran

– When you are mournful, touch the depth down in your heart. You will uncover that you are weeping over something which, at a point in a lifetime, was very prized to you. – Khalid Gibran

– Joy and sorrow tell you a lot about yourself and your purpose in life. It is only by these one knows what that one should accept and what one should avoid. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

– Happiness and grief explain to you a lot about your own self and your fate. It is only by these that one distinguishes what one should take and give away. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

– Pleasure and pain express you a lot about your own being and your destiny. It is only by this one can recognize what one should agree to and what one should reject. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

– It will surely hurt deeply and shock you the most, no matter how much you train yourself to deal with the demise of a loved one. – Billy Graham 

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– It will certainly pain intensely and jolt you to the greatest, no matter how much you make yourself ready for the decease of a dear one. – Billy Graham 

– It will definitely ache extremely and blow you to the maximum, no matter how much you prepare yourself for the death of a precious one. – Billy Graham 

– Only a mourner will about the joy that is found in sorrow. – Jean-Paul

– Tear is the dew of compassion. –Lord Byron 

– Crying is the condensation of care. –Lord Byron 

– You got to be there for people you love when they are dying. It is not important that you chat with them. You do not have to do anything. But if I know someone whose loved one is going to die, all I tell them is to be really there for their loved one. – Elisabeth Kubler Ross

– Happiness can be good for the body, but grief will change the power of the mind. – Marcel Proust

– It is grief that will change the power of your mind; happiness can only be good for your body. – Marcel Proust

– Something that will be good for your body is happy, but grief has the caliber to change the power of your mind. – Marcel Proust

– You cannot share grief. Every one has their own way of carrying their own burden. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

– Mind refines and elevates as a natural effect of sorrow over the dead. – Washington Irving

– Mind polishes and uplifts as an innate outcome of grief over the deceased. – Washington Irving

– Mind enhances and grows as an effortless result of mourning over the gone. – Washington Irving

– Mind sharpens up and advances as an expected conclusion of torment over the departed. – Washington Irving

– Mind is only capable of good when it is capable of real sorrow. – Harriet Beecher Stowe

– When you bear and endure, sorrow proves to be good for you. –Ovid

– It is difficult to survive the loss of a person you love dearly. – Cristiano Ronaldo

– Grief will double itself if you keep suppressing it too much. – Moliere

– People should be told that sorrow knows how to swim if you are trying to drown it by drinking. – Ann Landers 

– Persons should be informed that grief knows how to swim if they are aiming to sink it by drinking alcohol. – Ann Landers 

– Individuals should be notified that sadness knows how to swim if you are seeking to engulf it by taking alcohol. – Ann Landers 

– If there is no shine, there will be no shadow to fall. Similarly, existence and demise and loss and possession are all the same. – Hillaire Belloc

– If there is no dawn, there will be no dusk to fall. Likewise, life and death and not having and having are all the same. – Hillaire Belloc

– If there is no gleam, there will be no dimness to fall. In the same way, being and passing and losing and owning are all the same. – Hillaire Belloc

– It takes dark moments to grow flowers. – Corita Kent

– If you smile in your sorrow, you will not be able to recover as much as you do when you weep. – Jean Giraudoux

– Learning something will be the best cure of sorrow. – Barbara Sher

– You need to treasure whatsoever is remained of life and your abilities after you have mourned enough over your physical loss. – Morrie Schwartz

– You ought to celebrate all that is still there of you and your skill after you have lamented sufficient over your bodily damage. – Morrie Schwartz

– You should cherish everything that is left of your being and your functions after you have grieved plenty over your material harm. – Morrie Schwartz

– We are here in the world so it is not our possible but our lone duty to grow our sympathetic compassion. – George Saunders 

– We are here on earth, so it is not our thinkable but our first concern to advance our understanding of kindness. – George Saunders 

– We are here on the planet, so it is not our likelihood but our only responsibility to develop our concerned care. – George Saunders 

– You will have to have the strength to be happy in the face of sorrow because life has never been easy, and nor is it meant to be. – Dirk Benedict

– The hardest blow in life is the loss of a loved one. – Marlo Thomas

– The grief is there, and it will still be even if you do not go grieving all the time. – Nigella Lawson

– It is understanding and sympathy that ties two nations together, whereas interest may pull them apart. – Woodrow Wilson

– Always be sympathetic to others in your life, because you never know that your sympathy may be a support to the other

– Sometimes sympathy that you show to others also gives them the support that you are there to handle them

– Always remember that just a mere sympathy may not work for someone every time; you need to empathize also

– Sympathy is always undermined by empathy

– Empathy always undermines the sympathy

– Empathizing with someone is rather better to do than just sympathizing with that person

– When you sympathize with others who are in pain, it gives them a lot of support, and they rather get close to you

– Everyone has their own way of sympathizing and empathizing

– Always remember that you should first judge the situation then you should opt that whether you need to sympathize or empathize with a person in that situation

– If you actually learn to judge and understand a particular situation, then this is when you also learn where to sympathize and where to empathize with anyone who is in pain

– The person in pain and sorrow may have great support with your mere sympathy

– When you sympathize with someone who is sad and in pain, that person may get support from your sympathy, which may further help him to get over his depression

– If you ever think that your sympathy may not make any difference to the other person then you are wrong in this case because you never know if your sympathy can actually help him/her speak out his / her heart out loud to you, which would further make that person feel lite and calm

– Always stand to sympathize with other who is in agony and grief with something wrong that may have happened to him/her

– Always remember that once you sympathize with someone who is sad and alone, you give that person a kind of support and backing that makes and helps the other person to rise and get over from his sorrow

– Your sympathy for others may turn out to be a kind of mild medicine to their sorrow and pain

– I always prefer empathy over sympathy

– I feel sympathy is merely a word, but one should always focus on empathy

– When you give more weightage to empathy over sympathy, then you see the difference yourself, where you realize that when you empathize with a person, you are able to develop a better connection with that person, and you will be able to understand his / her problem more easily and closely, whereas in the case of sympathy you can merely support anyone or back anyone with just your words, that may, in turn, do not be effective rather

– Always remember that one always have a better connection with the person in pain, only when one tries to empathize with the other, because every time your mere sympathy may not work

sympathy quotes by famous people

– When you feel that your sympathy for a person is not enough to bring him out from his pain, then take a step forward and empathize with that person

– When you empathize rather than just sympathizing then you actually put your legs in the other person’s shoes, and it is then you understand the true depth of his / her pain that they might be going through

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– I always hate the ones who sympathize with me, because I know I can very well handle myself and I need no one else around

– Always remember that I am the kind of person who never likes or rather hate the ones who come and sympathize with me in my bad because I feel I am capable enough to handle myself

– Empathy is always the best tool if you really wish to understand anyone, rather than the sympathy

– One should never be a sympathy seeker and show never show off his / her pain and sorrow to the world

– Always remember that I hate those who be the one like sympathy seeker or gainer, who only wants attention from others around them.

– Always keep in mind that I like to be alone, so always keep your sympathy away from me

– I feel that the ones who sympathize with you are only that they do it with their words, they are never the ones who may take a stand for you originally

– One should always understand the situation and then act accordingly as the situation demands, one should always give the sad and aggrieved person sympathy if you can not empathize with him at least because that can be of some help to the other person

– You should be sensitive enough to understand the situation of the aggrieved person and then make a decision to act accordingly that whether you should empathize or whether you should sympathize with that aggrieved person

– Sometimes if you feel that you can not empathize with a particular person, then at least you should sympathize with that aggrieved person, for your sympathy may turn out to be of some importance to that aggrieved person

– Be a support to those who lack one in their bad days when they are in pain, sympathize with them so that they may share some of their problems with you and may feel lite by speaking their heart out to you

– Always keep in mind that every time it does not matter that you can only help an aggrieved person just by helping them manually, sometimes merely listening to them and sympathizing to them can also play a major role between this, so do sympathize at least with the aggrieved person 

– Empathy and sympathy are the two tools that can always give a few moments of relaxation and can also help to overcome aggrieved from his / her pain and depression

– Always remember that one should always sympathize with the one who is sad and in sorrow because this sympathy can give a few moments of relaxation to the aggrieved person

– I feel that sympathizing with the aggrieved person definitely gives him/her few moments of relaxation and also make them feel that there is someone beside them to support them in their bad times, this further helps in driving them out of their sorrow and agony

– Always sympathize with the one who is filled with anguish because you never know what tough time he might be going through in his life, and in such time when he may get some sympathy from you he may feel lite at heart, this would, in turn, be helpful to him in overcoming his pain and agony

– Sometimes just listening to the person who is sad, is enough to calm that person, here it is when just sympathy would work

– Always sympathize with those who are too broken, because you never know that if they would not share their feelings with others they made do something wrong to themselves

– Some people also harm themselves when they don’t have anyone around them to listen to them; here you can use a tool of sympathy and calm them down

– Always remember that your sympathy can also be a huge support and also a life savior to the one who is all broken in his / her life and looking for someone to listen to them

– I am happy that I am the kind of person who always tends to sympathize with those who are hurt and in pain in their lives because I have personally observed that when you sympathize with such people, they speak their heart out to you and then you realize that if anyone would haven’t shared their problems or not listened to them, they would have taken some big and wrong steps in their lives

– Always keep in mind that sometimes only a hug and your sympathy to a person in problem can relieve him to some extent

– If you really think that your sympathy can not make a difference to someone who is in a problem or someone who is sad then just imagine yourself in the same type of situation and further act accordingly

– One should always put his / her legs in the other’s shoes who is in pain and problem, or someone who has gone through or even going through tough times, then decide whether their sympathy to such people can help them or not, even few moments of relaxation that we can give them through our sympathy can also, in turn, be a good help to them, because once they will calm themselves down, then only they can make fair decisions for their problems

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