A Speech on “The Taboo on Recreational Drugs Is Unjustified”

Drugs that give us a temporary feeling of pleasure mainly used to enjoy or have a leisure period than for any medical purposes are called recreational drugs. They are sometimes taken just to have fun and might also be good occasionally. However, they can easily lead us to addiction, crimes, or even social and health problems. Most of these drugs are illegal and so we would end up breaking many laws. There are various reasons, why a person take these kinds of drugs even if it is for a trial are;

  • Experimenting, being forced into trying or sometimes trying to blend in.
  • Works well with perspective thinking, creativity, mind relaxations, and experiencing to be adventurous.
  • Helps people to forget worries and problems and make them happier.
  • Wants to show off being a rebel, or simply enjoy the moment.

Being a constant user of these kinds of drugs could also affect our health and social behavior, like;

  • Addictions, mental issues, and social problems.
  • Fights and accidents.
  • Illegal drugs could be impure.
  • Well expensive.
  • Unwanted sexual intercourse, infections due to, different blood, and needle exchanges.
  • Drug overdose 

A large number of the population are young and adolescents. They often catch-up in schools, colleges, parties, and clubs. Over attaching behaviors do show early symptoms, we should keep an eye on even with our loved ones and friends, so that we may help them before it is too late. If the addicted person himself seeks help, then guide them, help them to share it with their parents or other responsible elders.

There are wide varieties of these drugs out in the market nowadays; Cannabis, Cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD, Ketamine, Heroin, Magic mushrooms, and also some Volatile substances (gases, glues, aerosols).

There are laws like the “Misuse of Drug Act” which states possession, import and export, distribution, and manufacturing of these kinds of drugs are punishable offenses. Though we have legal laws in most of the nations around the world to stop the distribution of these recreational drugs, distributors still find loopholes to sell them. The crowd willing to have these would get their hand over it.

Parents and elders try hard to keep such drugs away from their children to a very high extent, but they won’t be able to keep track of it always and everywhere their child goes. 

So, in my opinion, prohibiting such recreational drugs is not possible, even if it is stopped with some legal laws, these drugs still find ways into the country and among the young and adult population. Yes, indeed, it is logically not possible. All we can do is to guide our younger ones on the merits and demerits of these recreational drugs.

Having some fun along with friends once or twice is way different from having to be addicted to these. So even if it takes such a risky and hard way to teach them, do it; or in a much simpler way let them know the after-effects of extreme usage.

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