Should Teachers Get a Bonus when Their Students Score Well on Standardized Tests?

A teacher’s performance pay is the kind of payment that is given to the teachers depending on the performances of students on standardized tests. This doesn’t have anything to do with the usual salaries that were paid to the teachers based on their educational qualification level and teaching experience.

Teachers are also meant to work hard to get their student score well, pass out of school with good results, and get into a good profession for a better future. They are not allowed to compare students and support only a certain few who are good at learning. They must bring up all their students to reach a good score with equal treatments, weaker ones are supposed to be given more attention.

For this work, they should be appreciated or rewarded with some kind of awards but not by giving any kind of a bonus. Below are a few reasons why this could be bad for the teacher and also how it might affect our children;  

Less motivated to teach, and more on the money they might gain. By giving off such a bonus is another form of bribery, so the teacher would not have their full interest and attention over all the children, and will also be less motivated to teach actual lessons too. Professions such as teaching are mainly chosen by people who are often passionate about kids and the love for teaching. So, people who come in just for these bonuses are never having any intention to teach properly. 

Higher competition and discrimination among teachers. Each teacher has their teaching methods. If such a bonus comes in between, the chances of collaborating and working for the betterment of children would be less, and competition between each other would increase. This would for a certain kind of status, among teachers and will be discriminating against the ones who are new or never able to get a bonus badly.

Most of the teachers would be ignored for their dedication. Many teachers with higher experiences and teaching capabilities do their work perfectly and with utmost love and care, but when they won’t receive this bonus, they are never appreciated even for the dedicated work they did for their students. 

Raises more pressure on teachers which makes them aggressive or uncontrollable. All out of greed to win, they might not see how the kids are struggling. They might get more offensive and harsh upon students. Because of the pressure from the school authorities, good teachers might have to turn away from their usual teaching strategies. Overaggressive teachers might also fail to see the health conditions of a student when put through a hard way of learning.

Just like giving children who score well for tests, cash prizes could affect their minds with negative thoughts towards learning, providing a bonus for teachers who made it possible for a student to score well could be a bad influence over them. This could even affect students’ lives.

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