26+ Best Thank you Messages for House Sitting

Leaving your home alone for some time cannot be safe. When you ask someone to take care of your home it is a big risk and says a lot about trusting someone. It also becomes a big responsibility to their part too to take care of your home just the way you want it which is not an easy thing to for anyone. 

Thank you Messages for House Sitting

  • Thanking to you for taking care of my house and watering my plants on time. 
  • Thanking to you for looking after my home while I was gone and feeding my fishes. 
  • Thanking to you for keeping an eye on my house while I was in hospital. 
  • Thanking to you for taking care of our home, picking our mail and watering our plants. We shall always stay grateful. 
  • Thanking to you for coming every night and sleeping at our place to make sure it is safe. It was because of you we could travel without being worried. It is difficult to find such good friends like you. 

_ I had always been worried about our house’s safety while we had been on trips. But we are lucky that such trustworthy people shifted to our neighbourhood that we can rely on you people and leave. 

_ I am very fond of keeping fish and turtles but it always had be a concern to me when I had to move out of town as to who will take care of them. They are like family to me. This time I was relieved as you took the responsibility of taking care of the house while I was away. Thanking to you for this kind gesture. 

_ It was very difficult for me to be out of town leaving the house just like this as you know I am storing all my showroom’s extra material in the basement. Thanking to you for looking after the house and keeping it safe while I was gone. 

_ It was really generous of you to house sit in our absence. It was because of you we could spend our vacation without being worried about the house. Thanking to you for taking up the responsibility. We really owe you one for doing this favour. 

_ No words are enough to tell you how grateful we feel that you were taking care of our house and the garden while we were gone. I had been really worried about my plants while I am not there. This time I came back and found my garden in same condition as it left. Thanking to you. 

_ We had to leave the town due to some family emergency. For the time we were not there, thanking to you for taking care of the house. You got available to us at such a short notice which is very difficult for you as you keep so busy. Thanking to you so much for finding time for this. 

_ We were not in the city for all these years. You still kept the house the way we had left it. I was astonished to see the garden in such a good condition. 

_We are so grateful to you for working so hard and keeping our house the way it was. 

_ We appreciate the way you took care of our home while we were away. Thanking to you for taking care of each and everything that we told you. You took special care of plats which made my heart filled with joy. We owe you one. 

_ We are very possessive about our home and its safety is so important to us.  We were so worried about leaving it just like this. You were the only person I could think of for relying on for our home. 

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