A Speech on Best Things About My Neighborhood

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—) and I am from (—). I am here today to speak about something that I like the most in my life. It is my neighborhood. I would like to tell you all about the best things in my neighborhood. When we buy or rent a house, we are not only becoming a part of the house. We are becoming a part of the neighborhood. People must have good neighborhoods to live peacefully. I am blessed and lucky to be a part of such a wonderful neighborhood.

To begin with, I have an amazing set of neighbors who are extremely friendly and helpful. Our family and our neighboring families are very close. We regularly visit each others’ houses. We share food and pleasantries and have gatherings often. The people here have no ego or self-centered thoughts.

They always care for and consider each other when something comes up. I also have a set of seven friends who are all almost my age. We got to school together, we play in the evenings and help each other in times of need. Almost all the houses here are occupied by families with children and so they have a lot in common and can connect easily. We also have residence association meetings to check on people and to address and resolve any issue that people are facing within the neighborhood. The opinions of every person are considered and welcome during these meetings.

We have a big playground to play nearby. There is a good park where the kids play and the parents come and sit to relax and talk with other parents. The main specialty of our neighborhood is the greenery. We have beautiful lawns, trees, and gardens.

We also have utilities close by. The school that we study is at a walkable distance. Our parents’ offices are also nearby. We also have close access to transportation and there are also malls and shops nearby and are convenient for urgent shoppings. There are also good restaurants, studios, and movie theatres nearby where the neighboring families sometimes gather. There is also easy access to health and medical care as the hospitals and medical shops are nearby. We also have two doctors in our neighborhood, whom we consult in times of need. 

We also have good security systems. Two security guards take good care of our neighborhood and filter people who come and go in the neighborhood. We feel safe and secure at nights and the surrounding is always peaceful. Our place has very low or almost negligible crime rates and people live in peace and harmony. Any tiny friction that may occur is immediately resolved by the people themselves. They all find time to listen to the problems of others and always keep good communication. My neighborhood is one of the best and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community. Thank you and have a good day.

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