Thinking of You Messages for Her: 150+ Messages to Write

We often think about the person we love, and many thoughts come up in our mind, which we write to them to show them we really miss their presence and hence the person whom we are sending feels special, and so do we.

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Thinking of you text messages for her

  • Time is passing by as your memories are, as I want to tell you that I miss you a lot, and I hope we can meet soon enough.

  • I’m sitting here alone thinking about the time we were together, and I crave to re-live that moment once again with you.

  • Just like poets miss the moon on a cloudy day, I miss you every day, and I wish we could again hang out like we did before and make new memories

  • Staying away from you, even if a moment pass by taking an hour, hence I don’t want to stay away, but I want to stay with you all the time

  • You have no idea how much I miss you, and you have no idea how many times your pictures scroll through my mind in the hope to meet again

  • Staying away from you seems like the hardest job for me to do in my life, as I miss you every day and night

  • The parks we have gone to, and the movies we have been to, seem empty now without your presence, and hence I am letting you know that I miss you badly.

  • A day spent without you is like a day without sunlight, and as I recollect our memories of togetherness, it only makes me miss you more.

  • Who might have thought you would become so important in my life that even a moment without you feels so lonely

  • Let me hold your hands again as you hold mine, and let us again walk on the empty street together under this beautiful sunshine

  • Meet me soon as I am becoming desperate for you as I was the day you left, and I miss you like bees miss flowers

  • A day without light, a moon without shine, a grass without greenery, and I without you always are incomplete; come to meet me soon as you are my better half

  • Day by day, I have been becoming restless in your memories as you were and you still are an important part of your life, and I wish to see you soon

  • On the very first day, I saw you, my heart got attached to you like a magnet to iron, and hence every day, I miss you more and more

  • My heart’s getting restless and I really can’t withstand another day without you, and hence I wish we could miss soon

  • Those long drives, and those movie nights shall always stay in my heart, and my heart can’t withstand the fact that you are apart

  • I miss you from the deepest core of my heart, and hence I’ll always be waiting for you no matter how much I’ll have to wait

  • Missing you has become my regular routine as I can never think of a life without you, and this is the reason I keep missing you over and over again

  • It’s been a long day without you, my friend, and I hope we do meet again, and our friendship shall last long as it did till now

  • let us hope for the best and meet again, and you should know that I miss you a lot and I really want to meet you as soon as possible

  • There are many places that still await our arrival, and there are many memories left to be made with you; I miss you a lot and hope we can meet again

  • Never have I ever felt as lonely as I am doing now since I miss you badly from the day you have gone away; let us again relive the good moments and meet again

  • I have never seen someone like you who became so special in my life in such a short amount of time, and your absence annoys me since I am incomplete without you

  • there are no times I can stay without you and hence this day I miss you like every other day I did since you left

  • let me get to you once again and let us all go to places that still await for us to be together and visit those places; and hope to meet you soon

  • this day feels dark, and the night feels lonely since you are not with me, and I still crave for the day I will meet you one day and hence I really wish to see you soon

  • I hope your heart is also pounding for me like mine is doing for yours, and this wait for you shall always be remembered because it’s so hard 

  • Never have I ever found someone like you to be in my life, and you’re the one who makes my living special hence I crave to meet you soon

  • Someday we shall again witness this full moon together and enjoy our own company as we did before, and I should let you know that I miss you

  • It is no easy task to spend my days without you, and since I have been doing it in the hope of meeting you soon and you should always know that I miss you

  • now I know how it must feel when fishes don’t get water and plants don’t get sunlight, as they miss their needs as I do miss my need, that is you

  • I am always looking at my watch, and even one second seems like a year without you, and I hope we can finally meet again

  • Memories with you were as precious as one can get, and I believe one day we shall be together again and hence I should tell you that dear, I miss you a lot

  • Your memories are the only dreams that play in my mind! I miss you.

Think about your message for her

Is she on your mind all the time? And what is more mind-blowing is that she doesn’t have a clue that she is on your mind the whole time. She could be distracting you from all your work even when she is miles away from you.

So text her a few of these messages, so she knows she is the only one on your mind.

  • Not a single minute passes without me thinking of you. Right now, as I type this, you are all I think about

  • Even if this room is filled with people and laughter, I still think about you. You stay on my mind all day and night as well.

  • You might be busy going on with your day, but here I am, suffering in silence as I can’t hold you and can only think about you.

  • You might be asleep by now, but when you wake up tomorrow, know I was up all night thinking about you, my love.

  • I might cross your mind a few times, but you have made yourself home in my mind, and right now, I can’t do anything but think about you.

Sweet thinking of your text messages for her

It must be distracting if she’s on your mind all day, and sometimes you zone out thinking only about her. Her smile keeps you wondering how one could be beautiful yet simple.

Her voice is sweeter than honey, and her eyes are so deep you want to drown. Use these messages to send her, so she knows she greatly affects you.

  • Oh, darling, you are all I can think of every time, even when I try not to because I can’t get any work done. You distract me so much only I know, babe!

  • When I am having a bad day, I think of your beautiful face, how your eyes shine when you talk about something you are excited about or when you blush at something I said. 

  • Baby, you have no idea how you stay on my mind all day; I can’t do anything when you are in my mind all day.

  • I could be having an amazing day, but you are all I think about, my love.

  • Thinking about makes me feel at ease. It is like you are giving me invisible kisses.

Thinking about your love message for her

Do you have someone on your mind all day, which is frustrating sometimes? But on the other hand, you want to keep thinking about them. You could never escape them, even in your dreams sometimes.

Your love for them always keeps overflowing, that they are the only ones you think about.

  • Do you know you drive me crazy when you are absent here? You are all I think about.

  • You never leave my mind, and you live there. You have no idea of how much I think about you, baby.

  • Of course, you are all I can think about since I laid my eyes on you. Your beautiful face never leaves my brain.

  • Yes, baby! You might know I think of you sometimes but little do you know you never leave my mind!

  • Yes, baby!! You are everything to me, and you have made it clear that I belong to you by making me think about you all the time.

Sweet think of you text messages for him

  • A minute doesn’t pass without me thinking about you, darling. I love you till my last breath and until this world breathes.

  • When I think about you, a warm breeze passes over me but gives me chills. I love you so much, baby.

  • Thinking about you warms my heart instantly; it’s like I am under your spell. I love you, babe.

  • Damn, if I had a penny for every time I think about you, I could build a castle! That’s how rich I will be.

  • You never leave my thoughts even for a minute, and that says a lot, darling!


What to write in a thinking of you card?

Want to let your lover know that they are all you think about? Well, here are a few ways to write that you always think about. You could never go wrong with telling how much you love them.
And they have occupied your mind and heart from the moment you have laid your eyes on them.

Sometimes it scares me how long you stay on my mind all day and all night, and they have no single clue about it. It’s amazing how they distract you even from being so far from you.

Of course, you could always mention how their thought makes you smile like an idiot.

How to respond to thinking of your text?

You could start by saying that reading their text made your heart smile, and all the butterflies in your stomach go crazy. Then, you could say they have always been in your mind too.

How much their text has changed your mood for the better. Seeing their text made you excited, and you smiled wide till your cheeks hurt.

Thinking of your text’s meaning

Have you received a text from a special one about how much they think about you? Consider yourself so lucky, babe.

It basically means that you always stay on their mind, and they can’t get any work done because you are all they can think about. You drive them crazy without you knowing it! 

When you think of them, and they text you

Do they text you the exact moment you think about them? Well, guess you both share a deep spiritual connection!

The moment their text pops up, your heart slams in your chest, and the butterflies go crazy in your stomach.

And you smile so wide, and your cheeks go pink. You don’t know if this is a dream or maybe you manifested this moment! But overall, you feel like you are on top of the world!!

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