Speech on “Tipping Should Be Made Mandatory in Restaurants”

We do usually offer tips to the waiters in the restaurants or the hotels. Tipping is a form of incentive for the waiter. It can help in improving the quality of serving to the guests or customers who visit the restaurants or hotels.

Serving people in restaurants is not only about offering menu cards related to food items and the food but also about developing healthy business relations. So, we should actually take steps about offering to tip.

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A very warm welcome to each and everyone present here, Thank you for joining in for today’s discussion. I deem it an honor to be present here to enlighten you all with a few of my insights about one of the most debated topics: Tipping should be made mandatory in restaurants?

First of all let us know why an individual tends to tip after every meal, to make it simple, A tipper can be categorized under either of the four sets of people that exist in today’s world. Under the first category are the people who tip after service as an appreciation of their service, and to be a part of supplementing their income.

The people belonging to the second category are the ones who tip to show off their wealth or their status.

The people belonging to the third category of tippers are the ones who tip to receive a service in the time to come. The last category of tippers provides a tip only to maintain their reputation. They are the people who tip just so that the server would not think bad of them. 

In all of the above-mentioned examples, one thing we can draw our attention to is that tipping has not been mandatory in the first place but was done out of one’s voluntary will and actions. As we know that tipping has been a prevailing practice until today, let us now move our focus to discuss whether tipping should be made mandatory at restaurants. 

It indeed should be made mandatory; to explain, and understand the circumstance better, let us see how the restaurant business works for waiters and waitresses. Most of the restaurants do not abide by the minimum wage that is covered under the Labour ACT, and 

On average we can say that the waiters and waitresses make not more than two dollars, not including the tips. The majority of them do not have any benefits like vacation, or paid sick leave. There are even some places where they are asked to do chores more than serving food, like doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, cutting fruits and vegetables like so on.

Adding to this, most of the corporate restaurants pay based on the tips they get for the day, this simply means that the server will not be paid if the table did not give a tip after the meal is served, and sadly the majority of the public is unaware of this practice.

As we have seen how the restaurant does their business, the most affected of them are the servers, who also have a family to take care of, and a life to live just like any of us.  To conclude, I would like to stress that tipping should be mandatory, but there should still be freedom left onto the people on the percentage of the tip, which can be decided based on the service offered by the server.

In a place filled with busy people where we have no time to greet each other with a smile, this small initiative of tipping a generous amount can make another person’s day a hundred times better.

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