A Speech on How to Be More Romantic

Hi fellows, in this digital time we are distancing ourselves from  real life relations and spending more time in social media or in the virtual world. So as a result relations are not working out and eventually falling apart. We can do few little things in our day to day life to make sure our partner feels special.  Let’s start with not taking the person for granted and make them feel that they are a very important part of our life. 

No matter how long you are with that person, it can be 10 days or 10 years, never lose interest, never think that you know everything about him/her and there is nothing else to know. Keep the interest and the enthusiasm alive.  Never forget how it felt when you fell in love with that person, how wonderful the 1st date was how mesmerizing the 1st kiss was, how lucky you felt when you hugged that person for the 1st time.  

Going on a date never hurts right?  The tradition of “movie and dinner” is an evergreen way to keep the spark alive. What if you are going on a ‘date’ and your partner doesn’t know it is one and wearing a sweatshirt and ready to go for a quick burger. Not really nice right? So let them know that it is a date, if you can’t say this in words bringing flowers or a new dress is never a bad hint.

Never wait for the “special” dates to come to show your love. Beside birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day surprising them with presents would be a great idea to show that he/she is special throughout the time not only on special occasion. It can be anything something you bought or something you made or can be both. Handmade gifts always have a more intimate touch in it. 

Talking about romance and not giving any damn about your partner’s efforts is not going to work. Appreciate your partner when she/he does something for you which can be cooking for you, getting ready for you, bringing breakfast in bed. You can do these things too.  Compliment your partner in private and public. Make sure that you love them as much as they love you and you are not scared or embraced to tell that to the world. 

Take parts in some activity together. Can be skydiving or cooking or maybe some time a walk in a park. Make time for them, no matter how busy you are let them know you miss and surely want to spend time with them.

Most importantly touch of love never fails. Apart from making love the easiest way to show love, care, affection, and warmth is a forehead kiss. Holding hands is always a way to make a small yet impactful move.

At last planning future and telling your partner how you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life together is a pure gesture to show your love towards the person melts all hearts. 

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