How Marriages Today Differ from Marriages from The 60’s.

Marriage is a sacred union of two souls, a life-long promise between two people to stay together, to be there for each other, forever. The concept of marriage has so long changed, or it can be said, that it has been conveniently modified.

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Marriage is a well-recognized union between two people, that establishes the special rights and duties between them, as well as their children, and also between them and their other marriage-related relatives. The definition of marriage varies in the different places of the world, not only within cultures and between religions, but also throughout the history of all the different cultures and religions all over the planet. As time changes, it has changed in a broader sense and also constricted.

 The origin of marriage can be depicted possibly during the time of the Stone Age. However, as cultural values and ideas changed, this also changed the definition and the different natures of different types of marriages. Not following those early rules or types of marriages, people now marry based on love.

However, the past few years have seen the decline of this institution, on the other hand, the increase of the divorce rates. This makes the process of marriage counseling more important than the previous time. From the last few decades, the forms of marriage have changed immensely.

 During the time period of the 60s, the maximum number of marriages tended to happen at a very young age of the couple. The average age of the groom was 23, while on the other hand, the average age of the bride was just 20. The women of that time were brought up only to become a mother and homemakers.

Though marriage was as a relation or a union based solely on love, it was also a provider of income for the financially insecure women of that time. At that time the divorce rate happened to be only 22%.

However, the point of view regarding marriage was starting to change and shift and in 1967, some of the divorce laws were changed and relaxed, which began the increasing rate in marital problems. This is why the importance and role of stable marriage counseling and advice have become more and more important in the last few years.

The time during the 1960s triggered and inspired a new cultural revolution, with the rise of the role and theory of feminism and gender equality in many cases. By the time of 1980s, due to a drastic change in the social structure and lifestyle habits such as eating and other important things. Nearly the end of the 80s, the average age of the groom rise to 26, and the average age of the bride became 23.

In modern times the tendency to marry late in life, the divorce rates started and increased to climb to more than half. The role and duty of the couple were also changing as time changed, with the form of role reversal like the men spending more time with their children at home and women spending more time outside at work as an earning member of the family.

While the rate of marriage has increased as the day passes, however, as the role of husband and wife came to a change, it is also important that couples use good study and coaching to be able to understand each other better, being open and honest about what they want from their spouses in a marriage.

Marriage is an important institution that is changing constantly, thus being a significant part of our society. 

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