A Speech on “Should Transgender People Be Allowed to Serve in The Military?”

For decades, transgender people have been ignored and prohibited from many rights around the world. However, as many years has passed many groups and surveys have fought for these rights for transgender people to be a part and serve their own country. By the year of 2016, the Pentagon had lifted the ban over these transgenders to serve in the U.S military. They started selecting the best for their troops, regardless of which gender they belong.

By carrying out this law many transgender people who were already serving in the militaries could now do so openly and never had to face any sorts of discharge just because they were from a different gender identity. Along with that, these people were able to access more medical care and were also able to change their gender officially on all the systems.

Just because of allowing them into the military did not provide them with any special expectations. They were granted with the same attentive standards as the others who served in the military. The only huge benefits were that they were never put down or discriminated against anywhere anymore because of their gender identity. 

Our world is filled with a lot of myths, stereotypes and even lies regarding transgender people. Most of them believed they were not able to serve anywhere and should not be allowed to be a part of society. Thus, many transgender people used to hide in fear and so hide their identity to survive. Transgender people are believed to be born into the incorrect bodies.

They are people who were born into a one kind of gender but behaves the way an opposite gender behaves. The body does not match one’s brain. So, generally people tend to believe that they are weak; but that is a wrong assumption. Transgender people who meets the standards of their physical bodies are always fit to serve, their standard remain the same as for males and females.

Those who meet these standards are passed, and those who don’t will not be. Now with the permissions for transitioning into the right forms they will be, they could do better in these fields.

Today the transgender people are mnot alone or discriminated much like before, they have a lot of voices behind them like the heterosexual, gay, lesbian and bisexual service people to motivate and support them through out and let them into their military ranks. Back then in history, many women and people from different colors, communities and race had faced a lot of dicrimination; there were myths that one should have certain body compositions, muscle mass, religious beliefs and culture to serve in the military.

Now the people have come out of those myths and unreal divisions, opening up opportunities for every human to show their talents and make use of their strengths for the growth of their nation, especially without gender identity barriers.

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