A Speech on “Traveling and Studying Abroad Are Positive Experiences.”

Studying abroad is always a great way to learn more in our life.  . Not only is it the most sorted after experience for employers, but some experiments have shown that the process of studying abroad can have a positive and good impact on our mind and also on the power of our creativity.

The role of learning different types of languages is really admirable according to many researchers. Learning various languages by a person really benefits the individual in both ways like personally and professionally, as it helps in increasing one’s communication and access to different people, places, and markets and also various thoughts and ideas. The power of language also benefits our environment through the ability to communicate and share various environmental practices of our lives. Knowledge of any other different language and also contributes to converse and access to the business and also the economic sectors.

 Learning a language can inspire and help an individual to achieve his or her goals and dreams in many ways. Exploring and learning  a new language motivates and helps one to cultivate a more powerful experience while traveling, thus increasing one’s accessibility to the foreign recipes, different art, literature and also some special places and can give new life to many new relationships.

 It has also been recorded that learning a different language influences the brain in a good way. A recent study showed that acquiring a new language increases the size and capacity of the brain, specifically in the areas of the hippocampus and cerebral cortex.

Recent studies have stated that study of various languages improve the ability of the brain to multitask, helps in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s problem and promotes the mental creativity. Language learning also assists in other different intellectual areas, especially in the areas related with math and music. Each language also helps to get an insight into another society or the world.

International education is very helpful and crucial in building good relationships between people and various communities in the United States and also around the world. It is by the help of these relationships that we can proceed to solve some global challenges like the climate crisis, the spread of some epidemic and pandemic disease, and combating various violent extremism

Studying abroad changes the activities of our neurons, and it also challenges the view of a person in a way was not considered previously. The focus on the interest to pursue international education is rapidly growing.

Therefore studying and traveling abroad is always having proved to be a very beneficial aspect in our life, thus improving our area of knowledge and communication.

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