220+ Inspirational Travel Status Ideas for WhatsApp That You Love

Letting ourselves go out of the closed doors of life and traveling is probably the best feeling in this world.

Be it celebrating travel or understanding what it makes us feel like, we have listed down some of the best Whatsapp statuses on traveling that essentially emanate the true spirit of traveling. 

Travel Status Ideas for WhatsApp

  • What traveling gives a soul can never be earned out of money or a job! 

  • I believe that the more I travel, the better version of myself I become

  • Unless someone travels passionately, they will never understand the true perks of it 

  • A passionate traveler in me thrives on new locales and new people as I am bored of my immediate circle

  • Breaking the monotony with passion and exploration is what we call traveling 

  • If you haven’t traveled, you haven’t really seen the other side of life ,which is revetting, raw, and joyful too! 

  • If traveling is your passion, start making money out of it! Travel unhindered, make money at the same time. 

  • There is a fine thread between living and being alive. You can feel it while you are traveling! 

  • The inner zeal to explore and meet new people is what we call traveling. It is an addiction, but only in a good sense ,though! 

  • When I head out to the unknown land, it tingles my sexiest part of the brain! It tickles my passion bone! 

  • I am not living a life where I cannot travel! That’s it! 

  • My passport bag is my identity and it shows that I am a traveler, a seeker, and an escapist 

  • Those who say traveling is escapism, like seriously, “dude you ever got out of that house?” 

  • Everything about traveling feels complete and happy. This is what happens when your passion becomes full-time love!

  • I always wanted to be a traveler and now when I finally have made it to the point where I can travel literally anytime, it feels good! 

  • In the end, all that matters is the life you lived and places you witnessed! This world is calling explorers forever

  • The monotony of daily life takes a break when I travel. I pay to break the monotony, I travel for it!

  • Not every traveling destination is the same but some will always be closest to the heart as if it were home.

  • The last time I traveled, I could sense that I was sleeping better and working faster because I was passionately traveling and it was making me happy!

  • You don’t like meeting new people and places? Well, I cannot even think of a life without traveling 

  • When my soul meets a piece of my dreams outside my head, I realize I’m traveling 

  • A new place sets the stage for a new me. I can be anyone and no one will judge me.

  • When passion meets creativity, I travel and make traveling films!

  • Every time I step on a flight, train, or bus for a long journey I feel a little more alive than before
Travel status

passion for travel Status

  • Traveling doesn’t only give me the joy of living, but it also earns me spectacular adventures and first-hand knowledge. 

  • People often ask me why I keep traveling. I can’t explain that traveling takes me a step closer to finding myself.

  • Traveling is a happy addiction, and I am happily addicted to it 

  • New places and new people are the kind of happiness that I have always asked for 

  • Not a second person in this world would say that they hate traveling 

  • Exploring the unknown and stepping into a different Joyland is what I call traveling 

  • The world has many pages to explore, and I have just started living this joyride 

  • I won’t have ever known about the colors of the sky if I won’t travel by sunset in daytime

  • Traveling adds colors to life and makes you joyful

  • My friend called me “lost” as I travel often. Shallow soul, little does he know about the joys of traveling 

  • We can make a mark if we travel every corner of the earth! 
Travel status
  • I begin my travel journey today! See you guys super soon!

  • The best travel plans are the ones that are unplanned! 

  • The plan is to remain happy. Remain happy in those unknown land masses amidst the joy of the mother nature 

  • I can travel and live a happy and joyful life or stay at home and sulk or cry.

  • I aim to leave my footprints all around the world. I travel for life <3

  • Traveling has given me new eyes to see the world and how beautiful everything is 

  • Let me decide my own life. I choose happiness, and hence I choose to travel 

  • Normally, living every day is a challenge but traveling every early morning feels delightful 

  • When I first traveled, I realized how small we are with respect to this huge mother earth 

  • Traveling keeps me away from the strings that bind men to earthly beings 

  • I basically understand no other definition of joy than traveling 

  • At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you traveled for. My reason is peace of mind.

  • Always remember, your trip should only consist of people you love! 

  • Traveling is not a waste of money because it keeps me mentally fit, and mental health does matter.

  • Work hard today so that you can travel harder with the money tomorrow 

  • I just wish we all get our dreams fulfilled, just like I am living my traveling dreams now 

  • We bind ourselves to a place and refuse to move, and that is what I don’t because I travel

  • One place for too many days bores the hell out of me #TravelBee

  • I wish someone would have offered me free traveling passes for my entire life 😀

  • At times I feel the unknown people I meet while traveling know me better than the people with whom I live in my house.

  • Traveling is the only cloud that bursts into the rain of happiness as soon as you step out with your baggage. 

Motivation for travel and tourism Status

Many people out there are not traveling freaks which is okay. But what are they missing out on? A lot.

Suppose someone can be motivated to step out and feel the beauty of the world outside; why not! All you can do is, use your verbal communication skills to ignite the fire of wanderlust in them.

Tell them their status and sayings so that they get boosted up and crave traveling. For some motivational status about travel, check these out!

  • “It’s better to see once than hear a thousand times.”

  • “Adventure may hurt you, but monotony can kill you.”

  • “Work fills the pocket, and an adventure fills your soul.”

  • “Remember that happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

  • “The world is a huge and beautiful book, and the man not traveling has read one page only.”

  • “Travel is the only thing that makes you rich.”

Travel with your mind Status

When you start traveling a lot, your soul starts craving it each time you are away from the scenic beauty. Your soul, mind, and heart desire the feeling quite a lot. Being able to cover up for it is difficult, but one can always try.

Every morning, you can tell yourself that the day is not too far, you can, and you will make it out of your daily routine into serenity. For such sayings, refer to the ones below.

  • “Life on Earth is expensive, but you can travel freely around the sun every year.”

  • “If you travel only for yourself, you miss out on the best lessons in life.”

  • “Don’t travel to escape life; travel to avoid life escaping you.”

  • “Life is not measured by the number of breaths one takes, but by the moments and places where you hold your breath.”

  • “I’m not lost; I’m just temporarily lost.”

Happiness travel nature Status

Traveling is like meditation for people who worship it. It is like a tonic of relief and happiness for them.

Being close to nature and feeling its warmth is a factor of dedication and love for it. Being able to get closer to nature feels like you’re closer to heaven and peace.

It is like an escape from the bitter truth of today’s world. Reminding yourself about this is essential, for which you can read aloud this status to yourself.

  • “At the end of the day, you just regret missing your chance.”

  • “My goal is to run out of passport pages.”

  • “Not all who stray are lost.”

  • “Travel is an investment in yourself.”

  • “It doesn’t matter what you see, and it’s what you see.”

Caption Traveling

Have you recently returned from the most refreshing vacation with a bunch of pictures that you are about to post on social media?

But you are out of captions for the same? Don’t you worry! We will make this post-vacation period nostalgic for you with the help of our latest caption ideas.

You can check out the most happening caption ideas listed below to make your post look attractive. 

  • “People who say that travel is about money don’t have the courage.”

  • “Sunburn and tiredness fade, but what remains is an eternal memory.”

  • “Traveling is better when you have the best people around you.”

  • “The ultimate chill zone is only found by those who don’t judge.”

  • “It doesn’t matter where you go, but the most important thing is who you go with.”

Best caption for travel memories

10 to 15 years down the lane, when you are sitting with the photo albums of vacations and trips with your family and friends, feeling nostalgic and emotional is quite common.

You suddenly come across a picture close to your heart, and you wish to share it with people, but you are wondering about the right words to caption it.

Don’t you worry! Have a look at our collection of caption ideas.

  • “A mind overstretched by new experiences will never return to its original dimension.”

  • “I am a recovering travel addict. Just kidding, I’m going to the airport.”

  • “Having to unpack your suitcase after a vacation is like the ultimate emotional baggage.”

  • “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket, and it’s kind of like that.”

  • “I wanted a career. After all, all I wanted was a paycheck to buy a plane ticket.”

Status about traveling and adventure

Traveling and adventure are like passions for some people. Being able to witness sunsets from mountain peaks or the water rushing toward your feet on the beach is a dream come true for all of us.

Getting away from the busy schedule of our lives and feeling free is what our hearts crave. For moments when you can’t be close to the outside world, you can read out the status that might keep you going.

  • “Dare to live the life you always wanted.”

  • “Walk, fly, roam, travel, travel, explore, travel, discover, adventure.”

  • “Travel is the only purchase that will make you rich.”

  • “Blessed are curious, for they are adventurous.”

  • “You can shake the sand off your shoes, but it never goes away from your soul.”
Travel status

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