A Speech on “Wealth Is Not Measured with Money”

Good (—) to and all present here. I am here today to enlighten you on the topic of Wealth is not measured with money. Though money is a major factor in or life, it is not all that matters. We have heard the popular saying, “Money does not buy you everything”. Sure money can help you get most of the worldly possessions you dream of, but there is so much beyond such things that matter to us humans.

I believe that what makes a person wealthy is not the amount the money he possesses, but the values they have in life, the people they have with them, the respect and compassion they have towards others, and the manners and behavior that they hold in their life. There is no use in having lots of money with no peace or having other people to share your happiness.

I have seen lots of people who work day and night and put work and money before anyone and anything in this world, and by the time they have earned ‘enough,’ they would have no one around them to share in their happiness and sorrows, would be completely drained and will reach the end of their life without even getting a chance to enjoy what they earned. 

You are wealthy if you have possessions in your life that you would never trade for. These things help us find happiness and meaning in life. One must be satisfied with their life. I have seen many people who do not have money but have healthy relationships, peace, and satisfaction in general. Those people according to me are the wealthiest. If we observe society, we can find that poor people have fewer tensions and stress and live happily with a little amount of money they have.

They share whatever they have and take part in their sorrows and happiness together as a family. As the house gets bigger, the more the people scatter away. The richer you are, the more the people enter their worlds. Rich households tend to have separate rooms for each person and various gadgets. They do not even feel the need to communicate with their families. In poor households, we can observe how united they are and the importance they give to their families.

You have to work hard and earn money. But remember those in need. Remember that you need much more than money in this world. Value things that matter to you before it is too late.

Every small thing matters. We must have peace and happiness. We should make good relations with people. We should take time for ourselves to heal, recover, and replenish ourselves. Find people who matter to you and make time for them. If you have more money than you require, help those in need. After all, when you die no one is going to remember the amount of money you made. All that matters and is worth is how you treated people and what values you held on to in life.

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