A Speech on “Western Nations Must Not Impose Their Standards on Developing Countries”

Advancement has become a trendy expression in ongoing many years. Presently we do not have the ‘first’ and ‘third’ world. We have the ‘created’ and the ‘immature’ world. Commonly the developed world is perceived to be Western nations, while the immature world involves previous states in the Global South in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Improvement has become teaching that is forcefully spread by Western states and NGOs, regularly to the detriment of neighborhood networks and their way of life. 

Creating states are introduced in negative terms in the media and, now and again, by NGOs themselves. They are introduced as in reverse, sub-par, and needing ‘protecting’. The supposition that will be that the creating scene should be maneuvered into innovation, its ‘ancestral’ culture expelled. Helpless nations ought to be made to take after Western states with roadways and rambling urban communities. NGOs, obviously, will in general take their plan from Western governments and the transnational companies that store them. 

White, Western-instructed consultants jog over the whole world, giving their ‘mastery’ on how best to build up a given network. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank set auxiliary change programs that cleared across Africa in the Cold-War period. These projects served uniquely to twist issues and in certain conditions added to political savagery and turmoil. The World Bank keeps on adding to the wretchedness of those living in the ‘undeveloped’ world. 

The development of Westernization comes when non-Western social orders go under Western impact or receive Western culture in various regions, for example, industry, innovation, law, governmental issues, financial matters, way of life, diet, attire, language, letter set, religion, theory, and qualities. 

Culture is significant for one’s general public; it is the imperceptible bond which ties individuals together. The craftsmanship, writing, language, and religion of a network speak to its way of life. However, with the progressing time the western culture, not just impacts other non-industrial nations politically, economically, and socially, yet it additionally affected their psyches and culture so much that even resulting ages have consumed the impact too. Westernization has been spread all through our nation in light of media.

The TV channels show different commentators and various characters in the dramatizations wearing westernized garments. Indeed, even our TV shows are currently portraying the western way of dressing and stylistic theme. The media of today is misusing the characters of the new age. It presents the western world in such a sparkling manner that anyone can turn into its casualty.

Westernization blurs away our strict qualities. Media shows various projects that leave a negative effect on the youngsters about medications, defiance, and superfluous opportunity. Media assumes a noticeable part in destroying the way of life and virtues and is urging youth to embrace western culture for the sake of modernization. 

Therefore, it is the need of great importance that the specialists concerned should take quick activities to control the impacts of westernization, and to spare our valuable and recorded culture before the circumstance deteriorates; steps toward the path wanted will be exceptionally valued.

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