A Speech on “What Is Your Favorite Holiday and Why?”

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—), and I am here today to tell you what my favorite holiday is and why. We all might have our favorite holidays. For some, it might be the Christmas holidays; for some spring, summer, etc. Summer holidays are my favorite holidays. 

One of the reasons I like the summer holidays the most is because it is the longest holiday that we get from school. I don’t have to wake up early in the morning and repeat the boring routine of brushing, bathing, eating, wearing uniforms, going to school, doing homework, studying, etc. I can wake up whenever I want and can follow my own timetable without getting scolded by my mother.

I also get the opportunity to spend my time with my family the most during these holidays. We go on vacations and trips, and we also get to go to my grandparents’ home which is a day’s ride from our home. Road trips with my family are the most fun. We put on loud music and sang along and enjoyed ourselves all the way long. We also get to try new restaurants on the way. Our grandparents stay in a beautiful farmhouse outside the country.

It is a very beautiful and calm place. We can meet their animals, swim, go fishing, and play there. We also visit our relatives’ places, and I get to meet my cousins and have tasty homemade food from their homes. 

Another thing that makes the summer holidays my favorite is that I can meet my friends from the neighborhood and from other neighboring places. We get to play together on nearby ground. All of us are fans of “Famous Five” and “Secret Seven,” and we always try to do something adventurous like them. We also go on short trips to beaches and lakes and spend some quality time together. 

I also get very creative during the summer holidays. Since we travel a lot these days, I get inspiration from various sources to write and draw pictures. I have always tried to write a short story or a short novel after the collective trip experiences. I also drew pictures of whatever I saw attractive during the trips.

We also spend time cooking new food and baking cookies and cakes. Since we are able to help our mother with her cooking, she also gets enthusiastic during that time and helps us with new recipes and experiments.

We also hosted parties at my home where friends of my mother, work friends of my father, and classmates from my sisters’ class and mine join. The children’s section will have games and other fun activities near the poolside of our house.

The adults will have drinks and play the pool game or carroms. We are at our best and have the most fun, memorable, and productive time during the summer holidays. That is why the summer holidays are my favorite holidays. Thank you and have a good day.

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