A Speech on “Who Is a Hero to You, and Why?”

Hero is a person who stays strong even in the hardest times of life. A hero would find tremendous ways to help his loved ones as that of others who are in need of help. A hero doesn’t have to be someone who only saves lives, he can be the one who brings a good change in anyone’s life. A hero can be afraid of something; but when it is time to show courage, they are all up for anything. 

Every one of us can be a hero. We have the power inside us. Let us unleash our inner power and spread the love and support we can offer to any helpless. There are a lot of people around us that are living heroes of our lives – our teachers, doctors, soldiers, neighbours and so on.

My father is my hero; not just my inspiration, but to many others too. He is a wonderful father; not just that, he is an amazing husband, son, leader, friend, colleague and a humble and polite soul for many others. He treats everyone equally without any discrimination. He is loved by everyone in the family and relatives. Sometimes, people even run to him in search of advice for all kinds of issues. 

In movies, we often see the hero being the star in his locality, helping and rescuing the weak ones. Well, my father is kind of like that. He is always up to help anyone wholeheartedly. Sometimes it is hard for our family, but still he provides the possible support to help. He is a pure soul. Apart from that he is the pillar of my family, always hard working, punctual and dedicated to his work.

Even with that he never compromises his time with us. He is a caring husband and helps my mother with some household chores to share the workload. He is an expert chef too. He sometimes invents the best dishes during his kitchen experiments. 

A hero does not have to be a superhuman, the kind in fictional stories and movies with super powers. They are, in simple words, people who live for the betterment of other people around them, especially the ones they love the most.

They sacrifice their time, happiness and dreams to fulfil ours. Both my parents are my heroes in different ways. However, I have seen my father struggle and face hurdles to keep his family happy and away from all the hard times. I love and respect him so much and I am also blessed to have him as my all time hero. 

Heroes are everywhere. For most of us, it is our parents or other closest family members. That does not mean we should forget about the other heroes that help us, teach us with new knowledge, support us through hard times and keep us safe from danger. Let us not just have many heroes, it is time for us to be heroes for others. Make life exciting and be the hero for changing the world.

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