A speech on “Worst Tasting Food I Have Ever Been Given to Eat”

Good food will never fail to keep our mind and body healthy. It also shows a lot of changes in one’s behaviour too. Food is always the best way to treat ourselves; even if you come under a different category of the food cycle. Good food can bring people together, make new friends and create a good mood. We get to find a lot of people who are so much interested in trying new kinds of food; for that they even travel around the world, blend in with new traditions and enjoy the various kinds of food that surprise them with.

One of many issues that we face with our modern diet is that it’s not different and the majority of the foods we consume are oily foods, processed grains and sugary foods. Generally speaking, the whole world is like a market to try on new interesting dishes, various cultures have their own varieties of diet, of which many would be healthy and nourishing to our body. 

Interestingly, some countries even have the weirdest combination of foods; some are invented at home by an unexpected mistake; most of which are the result of experimenting with food made in some kitchen. 

It is a fact that all the best and worst inventions of food are developed inside the home kitchen. The worst tasting food I have ever been given to eat was a combination dish invented by my brother, as part of his kitchen experiments. Let me enlighten you all with some interesting inventions –

Heavily filled creamy pasta with different flavours of ice-cream. His sauce options were also tragic – ketchup, mayonnaise and sweet sauce. Definitely gave me a sense of nausea. We all have tried these separately at usual instances. But together it does give a different flavour. But this combination was never accepted by my tummy. Pasta is generally tangy flavoured; Ice-creams are too cold and sweet. Mixing them together was a mixture of tanginess, spicy, sweet and sour together.

Cooked meat marinated with peanut butter. We all know peanut butter has a natural flavour that is sour, sweet, nutty and earthy. When it is like a sauce or a side dish it gives a less intense flavour to any dish; but when it’s used completely over any dish could be disastrous. 

Truly, food when eaten, should give a heavenly feeling that will be as magical as a first kiss, not a disgusting or weird sensation to puke it off. It can ruin our taste buds or even our attitude towards eating it generally. We humans have a habit to keep eating until we are satisfied, with good food, one can capture attention, blessing, or even hearts. We make a good circle of people around us, creating a beautiful happy surrounding. The weirdest food can always end in tragedy or huge destruction. Here I remember an old saying some good people once said : Good food is the way into one’s heart, it may even stop a war. 

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