A Speech on Do You Think 14-Year-Olds Should Be Allowed to Hold Jobs?

A very warm welcome to one and all present here. Today, all of us have gathered here to share insights into the development of our youth. Preparing our younger generation for the real life situations is quite essential for the overall development and for a steady and healthy growth of their young minds into a fully capable mind of an adult over the course of time.

With many cases of young adult suicides in the know, it is not only important but essential to make the children understand the need to responsibly handle stress and make decisions that will prove to be beneficial for them in the coming future. Now, this talk brings us to an important question that we have to ask ourselves; Do you think 14 year olds should be allowed to hold jobs? Well, 14 year olds should be allowed to hold jobs but one that allows them to grow and not just any menial job.

The teenage is a time when the children start to question themselves and during this time putting them in a place where they hold a position of responsibility will prove to be essential in their path of character development and confidence. Teenage is also the time where children are easily influenced by various factors around them and it is important to provide them with a direction to make sure that they are headed to the right place.

As we all know, holding a job means having an income. A child may come from a family with or without enough financial stability and this plays a huge role in determining that child’s future. A job not only provides the child with a sense of responsibility but also can provide them with the financial aid that is necessary to give them a better and a brighter future. When children start working, they come in close contact with a variety of people and situations.

This exposure drives them to understand and comprehend the real life scenarios in future and will enable them to analyse a situation from all the sides before approaching it. This high order thinking skills will be developed through first hand work life experience. Children tend to learn things quicker when they are shown how it is done rather than from theory, and them holding jobs will make them understand work ethics and conduct long before they actually step into the bigger picture.

It is necessary to give the child enough space to grow and a healthy workplace will promote them to learn from the examples set up by their seniors. In conclusion, I would like to stress my point that children cannot be expected to grow by keeping them in a shell, making them exposed to reality will only boost their confidence through experience and is essential for them to embrace their identity while commiting mistakes and also one cannot expect an 18 years old to behave like an adult if they were kept under a ceiling all their life.  

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