55+ Best Aaron Ruell Quotes and Sayings

Derek Aaron Ruell is originally the American director as well as the renowned photographer who was born in Fresno, California, United States .

In his past he had also worked as the actor and he also gave a fabulous as well as seamless performance as the Kip Dynamite in his very famous movie named as Napoleon Dynamite.

He is one of the most promising as well as most creative among all the new directors especially in the world that of advertisements. Mentioned below are some famous as well as the most popular sayings and the quotes of Derek Aaron Ruell compiled for you. 

Aaron Ruell Quotes and Sayings

  • Always keep in mind that I am the kind of person who always just loves to mix all his art direction works actually from those sixties and the forties as well as the nineties stuff along with the stuff of today’s or the present day. 
  • To be really honest I always feel that the mix of the works of different times seems rather much more real. 
  • I would like to share some thing really strange about myself with you all that when ever I actually do the certain number of ads it is then I definitely do one of the personal projects just because for the sake of my very own sanity. 
  • You may believe it or not but I still do consider myself as a punk rock kid. 
  • To be very honest about these little or rather small group of guys and also about their very local hang outs originally in the pool hall. Which is now being actually taken over by those the big corporates and those evil kind of people. And it is rather just actually about saving that day and also their that very pool hall in all that very process of it all. It is actually according to me called  a Think Tank 

_ I would like to share this with all that how I came in to view of the that Madonna Inn for the first time when I was just a kid or rather as a young boy when we actually went to the near by town for our very summer vacations.

_ I still remember how my father actually used to take us in to that gif shop’s very bathroom which was actually a big as well as the huge waterfall which seemed to function just like that man’s urinal. So to very honest this was the most amazing thing that I actually saw as a kid. 

_ Always remember that I never like to do that goofy or those nerdy things ever in my life. 

_ I would like to tell you that as the director while at my work I always have got dialogues I always have camera movements happening around and also that character blocking which always helps me in creating that tone in to the very piece. 

_ Always keep in your mind that in the photography actually all those elements that actually seem to be some what void and it is then that actually that very tone becomes a bit even more subtle but still it remains equally important. 

_ Always know that the very mind set that I actually have every time on each of my project is that how can I actually make it even more and more interesting every time and how can I make it more and more attractive so that I could even make me stop to actually look at it. 

_ Always keep that in your minds that what ever I do on the screen or on the camera you will always find me the same way behind the camera too because this is actually my technique that how I can keep my works more interesting as well as more and more realistic every time. 

_ As far as I have learned from my researches I have always found that there actually more of the Napoleon fans around. 

_ To be very honest that I have been almost always successful in actually maintaining that very cohesive tone between both that is between my work as a director on one hand and as that of the photographer on the other hand. 

_ I would like to share this with you all that being an actor myself it some times actually adds to my advantage and rather further strengthens me as the director too. 

_ Always keep in your minds that there you will always find some or rather certain type of that very understanding as well as that very coordination that you actually develop in yourself by being there yourself in that very field of works. 

aaron ruell quotes

_ I would like to tell you all that being an actor in the past it also helps in this way that I have that understanding that how much more does the public or rather your fans would always expect out of you. So it creates a better understanding for me of the art direction 

_ I know though it actually sounds too strange but I would actually love to rent out all those rooms in the Madonna Inn and then there I would actually love to have a one final bash with all my family members as also with all my friends. 

_ I would like to tell you that she my lady who actually has a too or a very big and huge husband. 

_ I would like to share it or rather make it very clear to you all that in reality you will never find money for the set photographer. 

_ You should know that all our clothing stuffs have come actually from those thrift store of what we know as Wal Mart, and would also like to tell you people that we actually did our very stunts by ourselves 

_ To be very honest it was really very unexpected about the movie that it became so big that was expected out of it actually. 

_ This movie was actually a kind of a shock for all those who were actually involved in the very making of this film. And I never expected that the dialogues or rather the lines of my movie would become so popular as well as so famous that people would actually start using it in their day to day life. And to be very honest none of our team members expected this kind of lovely feed back of the movie

_ I would like to tell you that it is really true that at least once in a week I am been asked or some or the other person always confuses me with Kip. 

_ It is actually true that he actually beats the crap out of me every time. 

_ I would like to tell you this that it is actually legitimate that all of us should and must be paid for all the other films that we actually make after our debut or the first of our works proves to be a huge success and it is now that I am too planning to direct my very first feature film. 

_ I am also directing the number of commercials now. 

_ To be honest that I am training myself to become a real cage fighter. 

_ I would like to confess that I am the kind of person who talks to himself. 

_ If you are really willing to be a set photographer then you are actually wrong because in reality or original there is no money at all in this field 

_ Always know that I am a kind of person who loves more of fusion in order to keep and make my work look more interesting as well as engaging for my audience as well as my fans. 

_ I am actually fond of enjoying my sanity at times by taking up certain projects of my own. 

_ To be very honest to you all I just love being the multi tasking individual myself when I work both as the director as well as the photographer together. 

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