73+ Best Aaron Tveit Quotes and Sayings

Aaron Tveit happens to be an American actor as well as a singer and he arrived in this world on 21st October 1983. Aaron Tveit is also well-known for his role in a famous drama series as Tripp van der Bilt and also as Danny Zuko in the series Grease Live.

He has also acted as Gareth Ritter in BrainDead, the CBS series. Here, we have compiled several of the most well-known sayings by Aaron Tveit that will surely captivate you.

Aaron Tveit Quotes and Sayings

  • Being an actor, it is imperative for you to make positive choices even when you might be playing somebody that might not do the most desirable stuff.
  • Typecasting is extremely important because in case you excel at something, you are going to perform it. 
  • Put simply, you need to make constant alterations to the opinion of the people particularly if you would like to play other types of roles. At times, you need to shatter that specific image.
  • I hear all types of music, though my preferred channel happens to be the Top 40 radio. In case I am going by car, I always listen to it. 

_Even though lots of people do not like auditioning, I have a great affinity for it.  

_Many people out there do not like auditioning; however, it is one of my preferred areas.

_I am a fan of auditioning though many guys don’t seem to like it.

_It seems to me that I have plenty to prove ahead of me. I just don’t want to stop here.

_I have many things to prove and I am aware of it. I don’t like to simply stop here.

_I was born and brought up in a location which is 60 miles from the NYC. It is in Middletown, New York. 

_I had been nurtured in a location which id 60 miles to the northwest of NYC. It is, in fact, in Middletown in New York.

_I always have the knack of watching lots of TV programs. 

_I love watching TV and I can’t resist my temptation.

_I was not sure regarding what I desired to perform in high school. 

_While I was in high school, I was not sure regarding what to do. 

_I have a unique ability. I am able to clap using just one hand.

_Clapping with one hand is one of the things that I can do without any problem at all.

_I like singing on a daily basis whether it is on the set or in the shower. I am sanguine that all the guys will complain that I never keep my mouth shut. But that’s not what I want to do.

_I go on singing all the time whether it is on the sets or while taking a bath. Many people are going to complain that I never shut up my mouth. 

_The folks see me just like a singer with a handsome face who can sing pretty well. I don’t want any more compliments apart from that.

_According to the folks, I am a decent singer with a pretty face. I love that compliment without any doubt at all.

_What is the problem with you guys?

_May I know what your problem is?

_While shooting it is imperative for you to have a great mental exercise for you are going to do something and learn something quite quickly. It is good for you to stay focused as well as sharp while you are actually auditioning.

_While you are singing on the stage you might hurt your voice at times for you are not able to listen to your own voice. If it is feasible for me to listen to my own voice I will be able to figure out the proper balance of how loudly I ought to have sung.

_You might hurt your voice sometimes while singing for you are not capable of hearing your own voice. I would love to listen to my own voice since it would help me to ascertain how loudly I should sing.

_Previously, you used to be labeled as a stage actor, a film actor, or a television actor. But things have changed nowadays, and movie actors are also acting on television and thus the line of difference has vanished right now.

_I prefer to play against type particularly in movies and perform some heavier stuff. I love doing projects that are concerned with problematic folks as well as stuff.

_One of my acting tutors once told me that in case I am playing the role of a car salesman, I do not like to be a decent car salesman, and I must be the most effective car salesman out there.

_I had no intention of coming to the theater when I had been a child. I had been playing sports and that had been my main attraction. However, I had no other way but to choose between theater and sports. 

_While I was a kid, I mainly was attracted to sports. In fact, I did not find much interest in theater whatsoever. But, fortunately, I had to select between theater and sports. 

_I came from the background of being on the stage for a period of 150 minutes and you are in it the entire time irrespective of what you are actually doing. You need to stay in it even though you might not have a line.

_It is not possible to duplicate your performance anywhere else apart from the stage since you will be getting more energy from that given to you by the audience. It is actually a fantastic output as well as the exchange of energy. It will not be feasible for you to do this anywhere else. 

_While I perform on the stage I get my energy from my audience and it is impossible for me to replicate my performance somewhere else. 

_My work cannot be measured by the awards that I have got so far. I have been extremely lucky and I have performed some fantastic stuff out there. There were some occasions where I thought that I should have got that prize; however, I don’t look at it in that manner.

_It is not feasible to measure my work by the number of awards that I have got. I have the distinction of performing some great stuff over the years. At times it might seem to me that I should have got that prize which I was deprived of, but I don’t take it that way.

_Following the incident of 9/11, the number of applicants received by the FBI increased manifold. Following that day, everything changed. Before you needed a college degree and I had been only a small group of individuals who had been just out of college. 

_Although I do have an understanding along with the felines, we do not like to interact frequently. 

aaron tveit quotes

_It is a fact that I have some sort of understanding with the cats; however, we don’t interact too often whatsoever.

_When I started acting, there had not been adequate hours on a particular day to work on the stuff since I had been quite enthusiastic about it. 

_When I began my acting profession, I was extremely passionate about it and did not find enough time in a single day to perform the job flawlessly.

_It is the dream of every single actor to work on Broadway in a hit show plus shoot a TV show as well.

_As a child, I watched a lot of films and I like to watch them again and again.

_I had the privilege of watching quite a few movies as a kid, and I wanted to see the movies once again in the future as a grown-up.

_There is something regarding a stage that you will not come across anywhere else. It is a genuine relationship for 150 minutes. You are dispersing your vitality to the audience from the stage and they are giving it back to you; the experience is simply incredible. You will not be able to find it elsewhere, and for this reason, people get addicted when it comes to stage acting out there. 

_You will never be depressed when you are watching a stage theater, and at least I think so. When you look at the audience and see their faces, you get that impression all the same.

_As a high schooler I was extremely awkward. It was more evident when I had been in high school.  I am talking about the late 90s.

_It is imperative for you to alter the opinions of other people particularly if you need to perform different roles. At times you need to break that image. I had to do different roles in my career and sometimes I had to do some awkward things. This is something I do on many occasions in the films as well that helps to draw the audience towards it. 

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