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Arthur Christopher Benson was a renowned and very popular poet and author. He was also a famous essayist. And some of his major works are The thread of gold, From the college window,

The Schoolmaster and various other of his works are also very famous around the world. Mentioned below is the compilation of some quotes and sayings of A. C. Benson.


A. C. Benson Quotes

– Always keep in your mind that there are times when you actually need to change your very self, and also, this change sometimes becomes a necessity for us to bring in ourselves rather than focusing more on changing the world around us. 

– I have always observed that many of people usually or rather seldom refuse or avoid help even if someone is offering them the help in the right manner or in an ideal way. 

– I feel when I am coming more across this world, it develops more of a kind of mystery inside me. 

– I still remember that since the time I been taking my slow pilgrimage around the world, I have been observing that it is just growing and gathering that mystery more and more in me. 

– Always keep in your mind the best stories you will always see in reality.

– I believe that the worst sorrows of man’s life lie only in fear and nothing else. And this is what the man must always be aware of in his life. 

– If you really feel that all your worst times are just because of all the losses or due to all the misfortunes, but you are always wrong because it is all because of the fears that are all inside your mind and brain. So you need to first get rid of it in order to get rid of your worst times. 

– I can always tell from my personal experience that it is only some of those good people whom I found actually unhappy in my life, yet I have not come across any individual whom I ever found interested one who was an unhappy person too. 

– I really feel that from my heart that, no matter the number of best stories may exist in this world or on this very planet earth, I find only one story to be the real one, and that is the very story of escape. 

– Through my experience in my life, the number of people I ever come across most of them are only interested in one single thing, and that is actually how to escape at all times. But I don’t understand why people always want to run away or to escape from their things in life. 

– Always keep in your mind that ambition is something that always puts you in or makes you end up in the meanest offices no matter whether you wish to go there by yourself or not. 

– I have always observed that when any person is ambitious, then you can always get to see the perfect example of both climbings as well as creeping being performed in a very similar position together. 

– I always find that the very perception of beauty is always a kind of strange power. 

– One should always be ready for any situation that may any time come in one’s life. Because there are times in our lives too, when we may find ourselves singing in our own way and how at the same time, the world sets or organizes itself just like that quiet harmony towards that song which we may have uplifted. 

– Always know that the test of the good letter is the one which is actually very simple. 

– The best thing that I Always actually wish to do is to lay my very self in the huge and good store of jam. I love jam  

– What I have ever understood about a good letter is that it is the one to which the person can always hear with interest and engagement while the other person is just reading it out for the former one. 

– One should always focus on writing a good letter and always 

– I feel every person is different with different attitudes I am the kind of person who always takes sympathy just like a normal one. 

– I feel it is never easy to understand me as I am a man who only feels sympathy, but I never prefer to express it out loud explicitly. Like the one that many people usually as well as often do it. 

– I always believe and would also like to tell you that the actual joy of the mysteries is always a certainty, the one which truly always comes or is derived from its actual contemplation. 

– Always keep in your mind that your soul always has some doors to open for you every time, no matter whether that door can be either upward or it can be the one inward also. 

– I believe that the labor that is congenial is always the true essence of the happiness that one cam ever has. 

– Always remember that the labor that is congenial is the one always that secret of happiness that all want around the world. 

– When some one ever asks me about the most expensive thing in this world, I always feel that maintaining as well as keeping up your appearance is actually and originally the most expensive thing that you can ever find in this entire world. 

– When it comes to keeping up your appearance then, I feel that it is the most money intensive one. 

– Keep in mind when I say that you should always lead your own life full of generosity and also with what we call large-heartedness so that you may always keep multiplying the number of relationships in your life. 

– I always keep telling people around me that they should always deal with their lives very generously as well as with wholeheartedness because when you do this, then you will always have a huge bulk of good relationships in your life. 

A C Benson Quotes

– I feel that the diary should never be the dreary kind of chronicle of any person’s movement or actions that they might have done in their life. 

– According to me a diary should always be in actual a salient or a proper account or detail of any one particular episode you can say of just like a walk or just like that of a conversation. 

– If you have never gone through the process of readjustment, then I would like to tell you that actually, it is a very painful process. 

– One always needs readjustment in his life at some or the other time. 

– I have always observed that we usually get at least some of the other reward for what we do, just like an appreciation. 

– To share my experience I would just like to say that life at my age will just seem more or less just like a long march which will be like going to and from the lavatory. 

– Always keep in mind that whatever you may see had well begun that may always turn out to be half-ended. 

– You should always know the importance which a friend actually holds in our lives because a friend is always the one that makes our lives a bit more stronger. A bit fuller. A bit more gracious too. 

– If you don’t know me then I would like to tell you that I am a kind of man who always believes in the instinct rather than in the reasons. 

– You trust me or not but I feel that when the reason is actually right most of the time, usually like I do if the reason is right around nine out of ten times, then it will always be impotent. 

– I feel that it never matters whether your friend is near to or far from you. But the place of a friend should always be the same. 

– I always find it often useful and wonderful that how when you are putting it down on paper with a clear statement of the case, it turns out to be the most useful one every time. 

– Always keep your mind that the very moment when your life may stifle you anyway, then it is the true sign that your life is actually not yours. 

– I have always seen that the very perception of beauty has a such strange and strong power in it that, at times it seems to me like an ebb and a flow, just like a secret tide in waters, or you can also take it as an independent one like of health and disease or that of the joy or the sorrow. 

– Nowadays I have been seeing that people usually don’t help others  

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