85+ Best Appalachian Sayings & Quotes

A rich history is associated with the Appalachian Mountains.

This region is isolated from the remaining part of the world, and some particular phrases and signs have become a trademark of this area.

In the following paragraphs, we will be mentioning some of the most interesting Appalachian sayings that you simply cannot ignore.

Here are Best Appalachian Sayings & Quotes

-I was told by a small bird.

-It was a small bird which actually told me.

-When you save a penny you will also be able to earn it.

-Always pay attention to learned individuals and follow them as much as you can.

-Make it a point to follow learned people in your life and this will help you to progress a lot in the future.

-Make certain that you win the race without toppling over.

Appalachian Sayings

-When the milk is available to you for free, then there is no point in purchasing a cow.

-Purchasing a cow will be of no use when you’re getting the milk for free.

-Once you get the milk for free, then do not try to waste your money by purchasing a cow.

-There is no point of wasting your hard-earned cash in purchasing a cow when you’re getting the milk without paying any money at all.

-You cannot walk with your legs on 2 boats at the same time.

-Never tried to walk when your legs are on 2 boats simultaneously.

-When pursuing a particular objective, do not divert from your goals.

-Make it a point to stick to a particular goal when trying to achieve it.

Appalachian Sayings

-Count your chickens only after they’re hatched.

-Allow your chickens to be hatched and then only count them.

-Counting chickens even before they are out? That’s uncool. 

-Only foolish people will try to count the chickens prior to hatching.

-A hill cannot pose any problem to any climber.

-A climber will be able to climb any sort of hill without any problem at all.

-A hill cannot create any problem for any professional climber out there.

-A fox is present in the house of the hen.

-You’ll always find a fox in the hen’s house.

-In case there is any work that you do not like to perform in the light, do not do it in the dark.

-Make it a point not to perform any work in the dark which you do not like to perform in the presence of light.

-Any work that you do not like to perform in the presence of light, refrain from doing it in the dark as well.

Appalachian Sayings

-I will give you what you are asking for, but do not ask for more.

-Do not ask for more than what I’m giving this time.

-Make it a point not to ask for more things than what I can afford you this time.

-Although it is good to be confident, one should not be overconfident.

-Overconfidence can bring the downfall of any person.

-When there is lace in the house, then he should not ask for silk.

-It will be a wrong notion for him to ask for satin when he has got lace in his residence.

-Although it will not be possible to stop a bird from flying above your head, you can always stop it from building a nest within your hairs.

-It is a fact that a bird is not able to build a nest on your head, it will not be possible for you to prevent it from flying above your hairs.

-This stuff is as thick as the fleas on the back of your pooch.

-It is a better thing to smile than to cry.

Appalachian Sayings

-Make it a point to laugh instead of crying which will help you to stay in top condition.

-Always try to laugh rather than crying.

-Jumped into the fire right from the frying pan.

-The man has become so weak that you can easily compare him to a kitten.

-A feeble and weak individual can be easily compared to a kitten.

-Everything that ends properly is okay.

-When the conclusion is good then everything is okay.

-All things which end in a proper note is going to be okay.

-Try to conclude everything properly so that the whole thing finishes in the right condition.

-That tree is going to grow in the same direction as that of the bent twig.

-A bent twig is going to a certain the development of a tree.

Appalachian Sayings

-A man who is sensible will not give 2 verdicts.

-A sensible man provides only a single verdict.

-A prudent man will give only a single assertion.

-2 different verdicts will not be given by a sensible man.

-It is unjustified for the beggars to become users.

-It will be impossible for any beggar to become a chooser.

-In case you want to perform charity then you should start it in your residence only.

-The commencement of any charity is at the home only.

-You cannot expect any beggar to become a chooser.

-There are many beggars out there but none of them are choosers.

-All things which are shining will not be gold.

-Any shining object might not be gold.

Appalachian Sayings

-You cannot expect all shining objects to be gold.

-In case you are making haste, then it might lead to waste.

-Do not make any unnecessary haste since it might result in total waste.

-If you do not like to waste, then refrain from making any haste.

-Any sensible man does not make haste in his life.

-Any prudent person takes time to do his things in life slowly and steadily.

-The best policy is of course to be an honest person.

-Honesty is without any doubt the most sensible policy.

-To be honest will be the most sensible policy undoubtedly.

-Always be aware of your actions and that will be your best guide.

-In case you are knowledgeable of your actions, it will be the most sensible guide for you.

Appalachian Sayings

Appalachian sayings are a collection of proverbs and idioms that are commonly used in the Appalachian region of the United States. Here are a few examples:

-Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

-Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

-A watched pot never boils.

-The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

-Too many cooks spoil the broth.

-You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

-You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

-Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

-The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

-Better late than never.

Appalachian Sayings

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