101+ Army WhatsApp Statuses and Messages

The army fights on the border to defend their country, so it is a selfless and courageous act in the army. They endure many hours and nights of insomnia under harsh conditions and often lose their last lives. We bring you some of the best WhatsApp status you will be proud to up.

Motivational WhatsApp Status for Army

If a person does not find anything worth dying for, he has no vitality. 

Commands are services, no more and no less. 

A soldier is an army. There is no better army than its soldiers. … 

We only sleep peacefully in our bed at night, because tough people are ready to commit violence for us. 

I cannot imagine a more successful career. 

Heroism does not always happen on the brink of fame. Sometimes, small victories and great hearts can change the course of history. 

Anyone who says that a pen is more powerful than a sword has obviously never discovered an automatic weapon. 

Only our personal belief in freedom can set us free.

I don’t know what effect these people will have on the enemy, but they scared me, damn 

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If you are in a fair fight, your mission plan is wrong 

Tell people: protect your clothes carefully The right to military service, without them there is no other right to protect 

Brave people will never die, even if they sleep in the dust: their courage makes thousands of people nervous 

Brave is the only person who knows you 

I am in America Army service 

Without courage, there is no glory 

This country has never seen and may never know the sacrifices of our veterans. 

As civilians, I owe everyone an outstanding army debt. 

Go on, unless there is a good reason and based on high moral principles, otherwise we should not send our troops to war or conflict areas.

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the dead. Instead, we should thank God for keeping these people alive

The coward died many times before he died; the brave person will never taste the taste of death, but one day 

Destiny favours the brave person 

The battle is not necessarily the size of a dog, but the size of a dog’s battle 

People who don’t represent anything, they love each other in everything 

Soldiers can sometimes make more wise decisions than giving orders 

I am not afraid of the lion army led by the sheep; I am afraid of the sheep led by the lion 

The army is the true nature of our country Of nobles 

Inspirational WhatsApp Statuses For Army Personnel 

The world is a dangerous place, not because of people who do bad things, but because of people who just can’t do 

Those who do nothing to reject the freedom necessary for temporary security 

It is neither worthy of freedom nor safety 

As long as this is the home of the brave, i

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t will always be a place of freedom

The tree of freedom has to be stained with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time 

Discipline is the lifeblood of the army. Power is scary for a few; it brings weak success and respect for all 

When brave soldiers win in war, brave men Enjoy adversity 

The more intense the conflict, the more glorious the victory 

America without soldiers is like God without angels 

War is the greatest evil that Satan invented to corrupt our hearts and souls 

We must respect our soldiers, but we Never respect war 

A reliable army is better than a secure border 

We live in a world with walls and these walls must be guarded by people with weapons 

Before becoming a soldier, no one is a person

Respectful WhatsApp Statuses For Army

Some goals are so precious that they are great even if they lose 

Dad, how do soldiers who kill each other solve the world’s problems?  

I will not die of accidents or diseases, I will be drowned in fame and fortune 

For you, the adventure of a lifetime is our daily 

We fight for victory and win through knockouts because there is no Runner-up 

The best friends and worst enemies only visit us 

Principle army can go where soldiers cannot go 

Who is supporting the troops? Army Support Units 

When a person says they are not afraid of death, lies, or Ghurkhas 

Break the snow and keep silent When the horn sounds, they get up and march again 

Usually a victory and a soldier of a well-trained army

Veterans never die; they just disappeared 

When the cargo did not cross the border, the soldiers 

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The silence of the dead soldiers sang our hymn 

A soldier would fight long and hard for a ribbon 

Always in war There are more than ten heroes dedicated to a soldier 

Soldier-this is the man who glorifies the general with blood 

Soldiers usually win the battle; the general is commended 

The soldier who fought for the country is neither a Republican nor a Democrat 

Brave people enjoy adversity, just like a brave soldier who wins a war 

The main enemy of a soldier is not the enemy’s own commander

A soldier is a dreamer; 

No soldier will experience a thousand opportunities, but every soldier believes in opportunities and believes in his own luck 

A real soldier will not fight because he hates what is in front of him but because he likes what is behind him. 

Things I believe that real soldiers are those who reach the peak of their dreams regardless of all obstacles. 

Soldiers pray for peace first because soldiers must bear the deepest war wounds and scars 

It’s not that “heroes command” people into battle. It takes a hero to become one of the combatants. On the battlefield, he will think for a long time before starting a war. 

The soldier is the army 

There is no better army than soldiers. Soldiers are citizens. 

In fact, the duty and highest privilege of citizens is to carry weapons for your country.

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