A Speech on “Should Beauty Pageants for Children Be Banned?”

Beauty pageants have been common all around the world. Their primary motive is to be a means of entertainment. Beauty pageants are to find out the most beautiful person both physically, mentally and socially. This is a bi-sexual contest. These contests, even though never stress upon the importance of outer look, they actually value or give more importance to beautiful looks. If a child has been made to be a part of such a contest it’s a terrible and mean attitude to call them ugly or not beautiful on their face.

Flawless skin, skinny bodies and gorgeous looks along with pretty dresses and tiaras which make kids bring a fairytale alive is what is important for this pageant. This could be the seed to shut down their confidence and self-esteem from such an early age. Let me put down few points on why beauty pageants could be a bad influence over children; 

Too early to say no to young kids. No is a strong word, this when used over children it is a rude form of attitude. Young kids are forced to scream and express anger when things won’t happen the way they wish for or what parents have always offered them. Children are so small to realize and express the right kind of reactions because of their young age. Saying no on their face could be harmful and cause mental downfall ending up in crying and hurting themselves or even loss of confidence for a long time.

Over-sexualizing among kids. This could completely affect the way we teach our kids to present themselves to the world. In such a young age they would think and believe less over natural and inner beauty but blindly follow cosmetic cover-ups. In other words, encouraging stereotypes upon kids to be transformed into ‘sexual items’. For example, we see young girls even from the age of 9 struggling to strike sexy poses, wearing high heels, padded bras and lots of makeup.

Causes emotional and mental problems. Such pageants affect children psychologically, the risk of high hypersexualization among young girls that would lead to other disorders like low self-esteem and depression. This could even start up eating disorders leading to obesity and other diseases. Such kids who are over conscious about looks and beauty would find it difficult to find a promising career in various fields like science, technology and mathematics.

Too much make-up products and hairsprays are not good for growing kids. Hairsprays are chemicals that could affect the lungs and even stunt growth. Over makeup could affect the skin that could lead to skin rashes and skin losses. 

High heels are not meant for little feet. Wearing heels could start back pain among kids from such a young age. This could also affect the proper development of little feet, which may be hard for perfect walking abilities. Learning to wear heels from a small age could make it hard for those kids to live a life without wearing high heels, it would be uncomfortable.

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