A Speech on “The Best Prank Ever” – (600 words)

Hello everyone. I am here today to talk about the best prank I ever gave. I am sure we have all been given pranks, and we have also become victims of pranks. I would narrate a prank that I did which I consider as the best ever.

This happened in junior school, senior year. We were going on a class trip to (—). As we entered the bus, we found out that the faculty who was coming with us was not very likable. He was a very strict person, and as he entered the bus, all the students said that the trip would be ruined by him.

That is when I thought of an idea to make things funny. I said we could prank him by painting on his face at night. Some students were skeptical because if he woke up in between, we would all be screwed and the trip would be canceled. But I assured them that he would not feel it at all.

We all reached an agreement and decided to do it at night. We turned down the temperature of the air conditioner so that he would be cozier while sleeping. We also played melodious music to put him to sleep quickly. As expected, he slept fast.

I take my paints everywhere. So we were lucky that I had it with me. We all went to the front seat where he was fast asleep. I started painting his face like that of a Joker. I painted his nose red, gave him thick black eyebrows, and a weird mustache, and colored the outer part of his lips red. I didn’t put paint on the whole lips because if he gets the taste, he would know.

He looked like a weird clown that lost its way from a circus. We could not contain our laughter looking at his face. When he heard the sound of us laughing, he nudged a little, and in no time we were on our seats pretending to be fast asleep. 

In the morning, we reached our destination, and he got out of the bus. The driver was shocked and tried hard not to laugh at him. We signaled him behind not to tell him. Luckily enough, he played along.

When we were touring the places, people looked at his face and laughed. He had absolutely no idea what was going on and asked one of us why these people were laughing at him. The boy said he had no idea and that the sir was looking fantastic. We all laughed at that. One time, he scolded a boy who went on a ride that we were not supposed to go on. The boy could not take him seriously and started laughing.

He then understood that something was wrong with his face. He took us along with him to the restroom and stared at the mirror for about five minutes without uttering a word. He didn’t talk or scold me throughout the rest of the trip, and we had a very good time.

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