A Speech on the Difference Between Boundaries and Limits

Today I welcome all the talented speakers and guests from different areas as you have come here to share your valuable ideas. I feel very grateful to be able to offer my speech before all of you.

The difference between boundary and limit is that boundary is the dividing line or divider between two areas or portions on the other hand; limit is a restriction; a line, beyond which one should not go, or the line which one should not cross.

There is clear but small difference between the limits and boundaries that is sometimes not crystal clear; that the two usages of these terms are sometimes very confusing. Unfortunately, this leads to lots of complications in the relationships, communication, and sometimes self-respect.

To clarify these two things let us think in detail. Limits are mainly the physical and mental parameters. As for the physical example, the human eye cannot see the sound waves as it is limited to our sight. The mental aspect is a bit harder to clarify; the best example I can think of are cases where people who have undergone severe mental agony are sometimes are unable to recall their memories. Limits are not bad or good – they are just there. Limits can change, usually in some special ways, such as through physical changes or psychological healing. Some breakthroughs can exceed the limits without necessarily changing them; as an example we can say that the invention of the airplane offer humans the chance to travel in the sky but did not change the fact that, human cannot fly.

On the other hand, boundaries can be depicted as the cultural, social and personal parameters.  All laws, ethics, social morals, and rules in a given social setting can be seen as some boundaries, and all boundaries are essentially based on our imagination. It is obvious, that boundaries can be very powerful, and ignoring or not following them can potentially have bad or harmful consequences.

The confusion among the religions is somehow related to these two somewhat similar, but clearly opposite, concepts of limits and boundaries. Some keepers of religions misrepresent boundaries as limits. The differences can be pointed out that, a boundary is a positive concept. It has a reference to what is beyond one’s reachable place or eyes, without which it cannot be complete. One cannot have a boundary without the existence of something real and significant beyond it.  On the contrary ‘Limit’, is negative. It is the end-point of a person’s reach and freedom.

In some special conditions, it is legal for me to go or I can go beyond my boundaries. But it is unlawful and strictly prohibited to cross my limits in any case. A jail has boundaries, but prisoners have limits to their activities.

Therefore we all should have a clear idea about these to somehow similar yet contrary ideas of our lives.

Thank you to all of you for your attention and patience for my speech.

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