A Speech on Boys and Girls Should Be Taught in Different Classrooms

Education system that allows both boys and girls together is called co-education. With no barrier of gender, students are given equal educational facilities. The minds of young girls and boys when taught under the same roof, helps them to generate confidence and more perspective towards life. In general, 75 percent of schools allow co-education.

Every matters around the globe has it’s advantages and disadvantages, here let me mention few point according to it;


Better rate of success among both genders. There is no wrong in letting boys and girls learn together, it does make their life more easier to mingle with either of these genders. This might be very useful for them in the future at social areas, workplaces, business meetings etc. 

Opportunity to share ideas and respect each other with different thinking methods. The thought of their own gender species to be superior over the other is eradicated, and both of them learn to respect and help each other. A boy and girl’s way of mind works in various mysterious ways. If the boys work well with an exclusive, adventurous and out of the box ideology, then the girls always work with an emotional, inclusive and imaginary perspective. When both these ideologies combine, it shows wonder in various fields.

Healthy competition is taught from an early age. In the single sex educational system, they wont be taught to compete. Most students compete with the same kind of people who share the same thinking and energy level. In a co-educational system they get to analyze both the kind of gender, learning their strengths and weaknesses, which they might be able to use in their future life.

Building leadership quality in both the genders. Co-education helps to teach children, equality. No matter the leader of a group is a girl or a boy, the team expresses immense support and respect over each other. No gender has superior rights over the other. Children would not be hesitant to work under the opposite sex.


Distraction due to playful and mischievous behaviour. Youngsters undergo various physical and psychological changes from a certain age. Learning together at this age might develop crush and infatuation; thus lacking concentration and become a distraction over their studies. This might form a risky and delicate situation for teachers and parents; if things get more emotionally and romantically involved causing breakups and rejections hurt drastically.

Block over participating and expressing oneself. Among young children girls would be a bit shy in general. Though they are good to carry out a lot of tasks with precision, their shyness could come in between and cause difficulty for them to express if they are in a class full of boys. 

Despite all of the advantages and disadvantages of co-education, it keeps growing rapidly all over the world. It completely depends upon us whether we choose to support it or not. Overall, it is a fact that co-education improves self confidence among children; teaching them to choose the difference between good and bad.

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