A Speech on Boys Are Lazier than Girls – (587 words)

“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy is”, a famous quote that says; lazy people would never get to grow, as they could never build up new ideas.

Laziness can never be pointed to any specific gender. Everyone is meant to support their own gender. For example: being called lazy is always the same for boys and girls at school, at home or even at the workplace. It completely depends on the boys or girls, and how they decide to be. Some like to cuddle up to the bed under the blanket whereas some never try to do any hard work but sit simply for hours and hours playing games or watching the television. 

Usually, it depends on the place; for example – at workplaces, women tend to be lazier, as they would like to run back home as early as possible; but men, tend to work harder and even spend extra hours to finish a work. In another case scenario like schools, boys like to goof around and skip classes; but girls are so active in doing projects and submit their assignments at the earliest and attend every class.

Girls even have a timely scheduled lifestyle; they have to wake up early, groom themselves – hair and makeup, take a long time to decide what to wear, etc.

In the case of boys, we may have noticed them waking up for school five minutes before the actual school hours start. We might even come across some boys who smell like they haven’t had showers for days; it’s a fact that girls do smell way better than boys.

Immense time spent doing nothing, which could actually generate activeness is the prime reason to be sluggish. No energy to do anything further. In a lot of ways, mainly it is the boys who are well known to be lazy, untidy, and messier in nature. All we have to do is peek into their room. For boys, their room is like their den; they keep it dark and gloomy to bring up the vibe to ease into being comfortable which could lead for hours and hours in the same place making them lazier.

This keeps repeating every moment they step into that room or their comfort spot which might even be a couch in front of a big television. 

Boys are more active in some activities, like playing outdoor games, gym workouts, and extra curricular game activities. They will always be one step ahead of girls, due to certain health benefits and strengths that boys only have. 

Laziness is a state of condition that is part of every human being; it comes and goes over time. We are all equally responsible to maintain a healthy body and mind. Staying idle at a place could spoil our life. This may even affect our family and work life. Boy or girl, being lazy is a path that could end up destroying us.

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