A Speech on “Why bullying is never okay?”

Bullying is generally an aggressively dominating and intimidating behavior using threats and force upon someone weak and helpless. This repetitive or habitual behavior is mainly the source of the imbalance of one’s social, physical, and mental conditions.

This aggressive behavior is usually carried out to hurt an individual in all terms; mental, physical, and emotional.

The victims might end up doing unimaginable moves that include loneliness, always expressing anger, being suppressed by fear, and mental health issues which can even lead to suicidal thoughts or even end up committing suicide.

Bullying can be in various forms, generally like avoiding someone on purpose from a group, attacking someone physically or verbally, sending threats, or making up rumors and spreading them around.

The reason to bully may vary over time, but by doing so, the victimizer is embarrassing the victim in front of a large crowd that he has to cross through daily and continue facing the effects of this embarrassment.

Bullying is never good. It is not something that only takes place in schools. This may happen in other places like the workplace or gatherings too. The best way to reduce these kinds of behaviors is to put an end to them at an early stage. That is from school and my younger days. 

School faculty and parents should keep an eye on their children to figure out the symptoms of bullying or being bullied. Teaching children the harsh effect of it can raise awareness in them at such a young age.

The children who bully other weak ones are truly the weak ones in mind; they are just showing their anger and rage to cover up what they hide behind their minds. It might be a situation inside the home or the result of getting bullied by someone outside the school.

As elders, we should find out what each child is going through to help them mentally and physically so that they could have a healthy social life and score well in their academics. 

A child is never born a bully; he/she is made into one due to circumstances. They generally don’t tend to have a healthy relationship with their parents and peers.

They cover up their worries, act as if it meant nothing to them, and finish it over another innocent child. Some bully to even maintain the popularity they have around the school or workplace.

Currently, cyberbullying plays a major role in various fields. Just like I mentioned earlier, bullying is not happening just in schools or playgrounds; it is a harsh behavior all around the world.

Now that the internet plays a vital role in everyone’s life, bullying takes place behind screens, without even revealing the name of the victimizer. 

Staying anonymous and sending out embarrassing activities of a weak one is not decent behavior, but it could ruin the victim’s life enormously. Bullying is never okay; it is equally disturbing and can cause unfortunate effects on children as well as adults, whether it is in schools and playgrounds or professionally.

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