95+ Best Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

Buzz Lightyear happens to be a Toy Story franchise fictional character. As per the movies, he happens to be a toy space Ranger superhero and one of the main characters amongst the top 4 in the movie.

Buzz Lightyear has been voiced by none other Tim Allen in several video games, Toy Story films, and also the Buzz Lightyear movie itself.

For the television series, the voice has been provided by Patrick Warburton. Here, we have mentioned some of the most intriguing Buzz Lightyear sayings that you will ever come across.

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

-His words are simply perfect.

-While someone consumes the last bit of the pizza…

-When the folks come to understand that you never come to a party unless you are invited.

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

-When an intimidating movie trailer appears on television, and we are not prepared for it.

-When someone asserts that they have no affinity for Disneyland.

-When we are working on any group project.

-When our baby cousin of ours is finally trained on how to potty.

-When we are in need of a proper excuse for leaving a difficult situation.

-When someone prefers to call us either Sir or Madam.

-When you come across a spider in the workplace.

-When the wireless password is changed by someone without informing us.

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

-When the last bit of cookie is eaten by someone in the cafeteria.

-When folks appear to judge us at the fitness center.

-When our pooch is not able to perform tricks when he is in front of our buddies.

-When our weekend consists of 3 days.

-How do you get the audacity to open the helmet of a Space Ranger on a planet that happens to be unchartered? I thought my eyeballs are not inside my socket.

-I have wasted my entire time in academy training.

-Gone! All of it has finally gone! Bye-bye!

-Why don’t you understand it? Have you seen the hat? I happen to be Mrs. Nesbitt!

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

-However, that hat appeared to be good. Tell me that the hat appeared to be good. Even though the apron is somewhat more, the hat …

-Hello, stare at me; I am actually Picasso!

-I am not able to get it!

-How are you putting up, Rex?

-Were you intimidated? Be honest and tell me.

-I was nearly intimidated at that time. 

-I am so happy that you do not belong to the category of dinosaurs.

-Woody, why are you going to have any laser?

-It isn’t a laser. It is actually a blinking small light bulb.

-What is the matter with him?

-laser envy.

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

-So, from where have you come, Singapore or Hong Kong?

-I have come from Playskool.

-I have come from Mattel. I am actually not from Mattel but from a smaller organization that was bought in a buy-out.

-Look, we have been absolutely impressed with this new toy of Andy.

-Excuse me, I believe that the word searched by you is actually “Space Ranger”.

-The word searched by me I am not able to say since you’ll come across preschool toys present.

-Did I believe that he had been at the summer camp?

-He must have been kicked out by them in the early part of this year.

-Keep your mouth shut, you idiot!

-Sheriff, let us concentrate on not panicking.

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

-This is probably an ideal time to get scared! Andy is gone, I am completely lost, they are about to move into a new abode in a couple of days, and this is actually entirely your fault.

-Is it my fault? If I was not pushed by you out of the window, first of all …

-Well, in case you had not shown up within your little stupid cardboard spaceship and robbed me of everything which is essential to me.

-Never talk to me regarding importance! This whole universe is in great danger because of you!

-I cannot decipher this random thing.

-Instead of being the genuine Buzz Lightyear, you are actually an action figure! You happen to be the plaything of a kid!!

-You do have my compassion being a sad and bizarre little man. Bye!

-Gee, it will be better for me to shave!

-My laser has been set by me to kill from stun.

-We will be able to blink anyone to death in case we are attacked by anybody.

-He could have been stopped by me.

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

-I like to see that you are trying. Obviously, I would have loved to watch you like a crater.

-According to me, the plastic corrosion awareness meeting which was held on Tuesday was a huge success. We like to convey our thanks to Mr. Spell for putting that on for our sake. Mr. Spell, thanks a lot!

-You are most welcome.

-Hello, boys, RC is making an attempt to tell something! What is that, boy?

-According to him, this was not an accident!

-You trying to tell me something? What?

-I am trying to assert that it was Woody who was responsible for pushing “Humpty Dumpty”.

-Oh boy, you don’t really think that I wanted to get rid of Buzz, right? Potato Head?

-That is Mr. Potato Head, you stupid, filthy, backstabbing assaulter!

-I simply want you to know about the fact that although you made an attempt to get rid of me, revenge is not something that we like to promote on this planet.

-Ok, nice.

-However, we are not on the planet mine, right?


-This happens to be an urgent situation. It is imperative for me to hijack your ship to Sector 12. Who, as per your thinking, is the chargeman?

-The Claw!

-Our master is actually the Claw!

-It is the Claw who is going to select who will be going and who will be staying.

-It is absurd. 

-Listen to me Light snack. You better try to avoid Andy. Try, but you are not capable of snatching him.

-What is this topic you talking on? Where have you kept the bonding strip?

-And one more thing. I feel anxious. Try to avoid this spaceman stuff.

-Everybody else had been selected.

Buzz Lightyear Sayings And Quotes

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