279+ Casper the Friendly Ghost Quotes Will Give You Goosebumps! (Images)

Casper the Friendly Ghost, a beloved character from the world of animation, has touched the hearts of generations with his endearing spirit and timeless wisdom.

This iconic ghostly figure, created by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo, has been a source of inspiration for both children and adults alike.

Casper’s charming personality and his memorable quotes have transcended the realms of cartoons, offering valuable life lessons on kindness, acceptance, and friendship.

In this compilation, we delve into some of the most heartwarming and insightful Casper the Friendly Ghost quotes that continue to remind us of the power of compassion and the importance of embracing our differences.

Casper the Friendly Ghost Quotes

-Don’t go away if you have any intent to live.

-Stop thinking about what?

-No, Kat. She’d never fail to remember you.

-If I was not dead, Could I get the chance to dance with you on Halloween?

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-Can you stay with me?

-Though we have a companion.

-I am aware you made him very proud of your work. Your dreams will be given by me, not for a whole day but just for tonight like Cinderella’s deal.

-So you saying I was up suddenly, at night, midnight?

-You were informed by me that I was not a bad dancer. So is it okay to keep you?

-I asked my father humbly, again and again, to give me a ride on a sled. But he behaved like It doesn’t belong to us for not knowing how to ride it.

-When I was born towards the rear. I just stayed at the back because I didn’t want to make my father feel lonely.

-Your incomplete business.

-But, aren’t you failing to remember something?

-Lord! For a pinky, I will be murdered.

-Yes, it happens when you don’t have any skin.

-couldn’t have existed better.

-Sometimes I get panic because I fail to remember.

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-My mother. Just obvious things. The sound when she makes breakfast downstairs. The way she wears lipstick. I can vividly remember that whenever she hugged me I breathe in ivory soap in her. I can remember when she used to whisper in my ear before going to sleep.

-If my mommy is a spirit, is she able to remember me?

-Casper, Shit the window. It’s freezing here.

-Everybody presents for one person. One person presents for everybody.

-If you don’t grab your pants it will fall.

-The wearing smashing underwear of Dr. James Harvey is all we have in this long ground.

-He is not Marky Mark.

-Casper doesn’t respect us and that is the issue.

-Most of all, We helped the little glow worm.

-Did you think before doing this you nuts? This floor is not used to be clean.

-Oh, really? Well, Misery loved by the company.

-You people are repellent and extremely horrible creeps.

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-What is your issue is what I meant. The ground remains sparkling only for him.

-Hey skin bag! Don’t say a word.

-That was not slow. I think it’s for the doc.

-That was the very brave and honest thing done by you tonight. I know kat will always remember it. She is in need of her father. And I believe you all will remember it. His greatest dream is fulfilled by you Casper.

-Cinderella’s age was not twelve.

-What how it feel like when you die?

-DIBS! Bring this thing for cooking. You soft little worm.

-This is very kind of you to visit us, Carrigan.

-That one thing you teach me is to kick them, whenever you feel down. And dear, now you are in six feet under. Such a shame.

-I apologize sweetheart. We are moving along.

-I will always remember this you u appreciative soft little worm.

-You can scare me as much you want. But this is going to be the big, costly, great house with a big great green carpet, and a little dog named Carrigan, a female dog like you, and wonderful purple wallpaper. I have the capability and you have the valuables.

-And there is a flight which you gonna have to catch.

Casper the Friendly Ghost Sayings

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-You know the incomplete business. All ghosts have an incomplete business. This is the reason they never move to another.

-Incomplete Business? I don’t have any incomplete business. I got everything. I have my valuables, my residence. I am just complete.

-Wait I didn’t tell the truth. I have an incomplete business. A lot of incomplete business to do.

-I am not yet ready to move into another place I am tricked by you. You nasty little rat.

-Slow down tiny man. The bitch is here again.

-James, I am aware you were looking for me. But something you should comprehend. I was loved by you and Kat when I was not dead. I don’t have any incomplete business. Just do me a kindness Stop me to be yours.

-I felt I’d have a hundred things to chat about after seeing you.

-Let’s say you are friends with three ghosts who didn’t break their promises.

-I am at liberty. For the first time in my life, I am feeling so incredible.

-Yes, But there is a whole wretched life for him.

-We can help him by putting him out of his sorrow.

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-Oh yes that’s not a bad idea.

-It is loved by me in the morning if it the smell of flesh.

-I can see the transparency in you.

-I can’t make a hoarse sound to call him now.

-I changed nine different schools in just two years. In nine cafeterias I have eaten in these two years. I can’t memorize anyone’s name.

-Great for my first celebration.

-My uncles will wake up if you shout. And they get extremely eccentric.

-I vanish instead of getting mad.

-At my party, if I wish I will not exist. The same thing will happen to you when you don’t exist anymore.

Incorrect Casper the Friendly Ghost Quotes

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“Boo? Nah, I’m just here for the candy!”

“Who needs a haunted house when you have me?”

“I haunt houses because I can’t afford rent.”

“Casper the Friendly Ghost? More like Casper the Mischievous Specter!”

“I’ve got 99 problems, but scaring ain’t one.”

“I’m the reason there are no ghosts at the Ghostbusters’ headquarters.”

“Ghosts just wanna have fun!”

“I’m Casper, the world’s worst hide-and-seek player.”

“Haunted houses? More like friendly houses with a twist.”

“I’m like a ghost with benefits – I’ll clean your attic!”

“Why be scary when you can be friendly and fabulous?”

“When life gives you ectoplasm, make ecto-lemonade!”

“I’m the Casper that Casper tells ghost stories about.”

“Who you gonna call? Casper… for a chat!”

“I’m just a bedsheet with a PhD in Boo-logy.”

“I scare people with my ghostly good looks!”

“Forget Halloween, I’m the life of every spectral party!”

“I’m Casper, the friendly ghost, and I approve this haunting.”

“I haunt people just to remind them to eat their veggies.”

“Ghosting in the digital age: I invented it!”

“I haunt libraries because I’m a bookworm… literally.”

“Casper the Friendly Ghost: Making the afterlife less lonely.”

“I put the ‘boo’ in ‘bootiful.'”

“When you’re as friendly as me, you don’t need a haunted mansion.”

“I’m so friendly that I’ve been kicked out of the Boo Scouts.”

casper quotes

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