85+ Joker Sayings On People Who Really Lead You To Think

Joker is a Batman comic character, and though he is introduced as the main villainous character, his part in the comic series is undeniable and widely famous.

His character got more fame after the adaptation of Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark knight’ movie.

In Gotham City, where Batman is trying to maintain law and order, Joker produces all the chaos. Here are some of the famous Joker Sayings.

Joker Sayings And Famous Quotes

-Gotham, one day, this city will be mine, the center of all chaos.

-Batman Can’t save this city anymore.

-Do you think only Batman can stop me?

-Ha ha ha…This time I win Batman.

-Is chaos the perfect order, you know? This is the order where you get all the justice you want.

Joker Sayings

-All the politicians are corrupted… this is high time to make people believe in the disorder.

-People are scared before the law, but I know that every citizen from the bottom of their heart believes in crime.

-Scary crimes are the most adventurous…

-Police are just the goons of the law… break up the law, they are no more important.

-Gotham city went out of Batman’s hands a long time ago.

-Gotham is a city of drug dealers, and they are the lawmakers.

-One day, I just want to fix a bomb and blow up the whole city.

-Time will come, Batman, when you gotta pray for mercy before me.

-Batman is an outlaw. Police will also hunt him… he is just like me.

-I think I must hide for some days here.

Joker Sayings

-Money is not my goal. For I don’t want money or expect it ever… I just want chaos among the people.

-I will do all the crime and blame it on Batman… one day, people won’t believe him anymore.

-I must people fear for the government… thus they will start to detest it.

-You can’t catch me ever, batman.

-I am interested in scaring people… they will start to fear me.

-world prefers villains rather than heroes.

-The cops are also searching for batman.

-killing the polices is my favorite hobby.

-Let the people perish… why save them?

-I want every people to start idolizing me.

-I was always good at making chaos. From childhood, my favorite hobby was messing up my friend’s game.

-If people are calm and just kill their leader, they will become wild.

-Now, it is a game of chess between the government and me, and peoples are just mere pawns here.

Joker Sayings

-I  never fail to fulfill my duty to chaos among the people.

-The rapid growth of crimes will break the confidence of people, and fear will brood among them… ha ha ha…

-I think I have a legacy for which people will remind me.

-ahh ha ha ha …close all the gates and burst a cracker…

-In your life, You must be good at something…just like I’m good at murder.

-Police can’t give protection to people…

-Fear broods in a weak mind… but it doesn’t mean that they strongly don’t have fear…they also have it… you just have to reveal it.

-Normal life gives us nothing…

-aggrrh! Baaatmaaan…. you again cheated me…

-I don’t know why people have confidence in batman.

-Gotham is a city of criminals…It is not worth saving…

-My mind says, this time, batman can’t beat me.

-I just can’t figure out how he manages to beat me up every time…

-You may win today, batman… but next time, you‘ll lose.

Joker Sayings

-Whenever I make out a way for a crime, batman finds me…

-From the mayor to the police, all are corrupted here.

-To live in a better way, I must eliminate Batman from my way.

-I’m amazed… I must admire your talent, Batman.

-I’m committed to the destruction of this city Batman.

-One day will come when people will admire me for giving them fair justice.

-Law is unable to give people fair justice… it is just a shield for the lawmakers… It protects them but victimizes people… people should abandon their strange beliefs.

– You know people always believe in revenge ideas… they love to see their enemy dying slowly and painfully.

-Once you capture the subconscious mind of people, you have captured them too.

-Now I’m going to give a statement about batman to people.

-People always have liked the villain.

Joker Sayings

-If you want to break the system, start to kill the police.

-the city officers are the main fraud.

-oh! For how many nights have I a dream that people have no law… they are taking revenge on one another freely… blood is shedding… people are mad… they are killing officers…

-I have fixed up a bomb in the subway, batman… let’s see how you can save your loving people… ha ha ha…

-I always prefer knives while killing… this helps me to see their emotion.

-the convicted are the freest souls.

-Now Batman will expose himself to me… and I’m going to hunt him down this time.

-I fail to decipher why people run from me… I’m their greatest friend…I want to make their life easy and free. They do not have to fear the government and laws anymore.

Joker Sayings

-I love people to see them wild and mad.

-I dream that one-day crime will prevail in the world of humans.

-I like people’s dark side. It helps me to see the real picture of them.

-Batman, you are just an outlaw like me…join me… you will be happy.

-You see, I’m always happy… happy to destroy the world… peoples worry when they see destruction… but destroying something is my passion.

-I’m looking for someone who can carry on my legend…I think you are a perfectly fit for this job Batman.

-Batman… I wanna finish the globe….destroy the system, which is like a shackle… I know I’m not capable of doing this thing totally… I can’t finish off the whole thing… but it has to start anyway…I’m that person who starts this destruction.

-Batman, now the condition is out of our hands.. let’s enjoy the whole chaos. 

Joker Sayings

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