A Speech on How to Choose the Right Relationship

It is very important for us to live a good life and for this we need to choose a relationship that is truly right for us.

Some of the couples may give some attention to the initial fit, but  it is also can be said that very few of them have given much attention and care to potential strengths and weaknesses of a partner, much less of their own, and how those two are suitable for each other.

Some of them make a commitment of an entire lifetime and then seal it with many desires, until they come into the counseling or getting advice about divorce. At this time they mainly blame each other for their bad attitudes and negative qualities, about which they were well aware from the beginning but denied to admit themselves.

Many times it is in the latter half of the relationships that we have come to realize that the person we liked and choose actually has some similarity in attitude or habit to our father or mother — and some qualities that are really very difficult for us to tolerate further, while living together. They are really hard to handle mainly because they were the very similar to the traits that were difficult with our parents as well! 

 It is a very well-known saying that opposites attract. I believe those words are true but only in some special cases. Some people often are attracted and interested to others who share common traits or habit with them but by also having some complementary personalities.

I believe that the importance and value of common interests is overrated in these modern times.  But sometimes it is really, it is good to have some — mostly in the cases where, there are some common things that you enjoy and love to do while spending time together.

The best way to determine the things  which your partner want and expect from you is to observe your partner under stress and yourself and see what the special outcomes are that that time of problem. That’s the other cause of the importance to have enough experience with each other.

Some people will say confidently that they didn’t have any hidden or untold stresses. But in some cases this can be a sign of a denying the obvious style because they are actually really stressed out but they keep them out of their mind to avoid feeling irritated or unsatisfied. Some stresses — like emotional neglect or insecurity or some expressionless emotions in general — can also have a bad impact on their relationships.

So a very important part in choosing a suitable partner is to choose them according to their values.

So try to be very careful and attentive if you have already in a relationship in which you have many types of differences on some of those above mentioned dimensions, and things are getting out of hand, then you can follow one of the two options. You can grow as a mature and caring person in your capacity to accept the faults and mistakes of your partner and work on bridging the harmony, or be prepared to quit and find another relationship that can bring a better life for you.

Thank you.

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