80+ Great Christmas Card Saying for Coworkers

Christmas is an annual festival celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is observed primarily on 25th of December every year. It is a religious and custom celebration followed by billions of people around the world. Christmas is a government holiday in many nations of the world. It is celebrated religiously by majority of the Christians and also as a culture by many Non-Christians. 

Some of the Christmas Sayings for the coworkers working with you are as follows-

“_May this Christmas warm your heart for the whole year coming along.”

“_Happy Christmas to you.”

“_Happy Christmas to your whole family.”

“_Wishing you a merry Christmas.”

“_May you have a peaceful year ahead. Merry Christmas.”

“_A happy holiday to you and may this new year bring lots of joy in your life.”

“_Let peace be with your spirit tonight as the king of the world was born.”

“_Let this christmas warm your family with love.”

“_May the harmony of Christmas stay in your heart throughout the year.”

“_Let the Lord send good tidings for you this festive season.”

“_May god send all the gifts to you this holiday season.”

“_May all your Christmas wishes come true.”

“_Let the Lord bring gift of love in your life.”

“_Let this Christmas bring gift of joy in your life.”

“_You are wonderful. Want to know who told me? A guy in a red suit came and told me.”

“_Let this Christmas bring all the cookies and presents at your home.”

“_I might still not believe in Santa. But I believe in you.”

“_You make me love Christmas more than what I really do.”

“_You bring the required rejoice on everyone’s face during this festive days.”

“_Good tidings to you and happy Christmas for you today.”

“_Let the magic of Christmas bring the love and joy in your life.”

“_Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Christmas.”

“_Allow peace to stay in your heart this Christmas.”

“_May this new year will be a time to rejoice for you and your family.”

“_May the goodness and light follow you and your family on this festive season of Christmas.”

“_May you feel the joy of peace and love in your life this Christmas.”

“_Joy, peace and love unto you and your family this Christmas.”

“_Let resounding joy ring from your rafters this festive season.”

“_Just like tree remains fresh everyday, let your heart remain rejoiced every moment of the year coming along.”

“_The most beautiful gift I have ever received in my life – To celebrate this festive season with you.”

“_Santa is real, if you believe. May he bring all the presents of joy and cookies of love in your life.”

“_Let this Christmas bring all the memories required in your life.”

“_Here is wishing all the charms of Christmas for your year long.”

“_May you treat all the others near you with a kind heart throughout the year coming along.”

“_May your heart be filled with all the necessary rejoice and love this Christmas.”

“_You are the most affectionate person I have ever met in my life. Merry Christmas!”

“_Christmas warms the soul and tickles our hearts. Am so lucky to celebrate this festive season with you and your family.”

“_There is nothing quite like Christmas. There is nothing peaceful like Christmas. There is nothing joyful like Christmas. Merry Christmas!”

“_May this Christmas make everything simple in your life. Have a wonderful festive season.”

“_Christmas always bring a little something extra. May you get that something extra this Christmas. Merry Christmas.”

“_Best things in life aren’t things. Its you my friend who is best for me in my life. Merry Christmas!”

“_Remember, no one has any failure if they have coworkers like you in their life. Happy Christmas.”

“_May all Christmases be white for you and your family.”

“_You are a greatest gift any coworker would have ever dreamt for. Happy Christmas.”

“_A coworker like you always fill everyone’s heart with warmth. Merry Christmas.”

“_If joy is the reason for the celebration this season, then I have a lot to be thankful for. Merry Christmas.”

“_With you as a coworker, everyday is like a joy. Happy Christmas.”

“_Here is to many more celebrations together,”

“_May this holiday season be filled with laughter, joy and peace.”

“_Sharing this season with you is the greatest gift for us.”

“_May the splendor of the season fill your heart with warmth and happiness.”

“_May this holidays be merry and bright for you and your family.”

“_May the lights of the season fill your heart with warmth and joyous spirit.”

“_Joy to you and your family this festive season.”

“_Happiness to you and your family this holiday season.”

“_Season greetings and best wishes for the upcoming new year to you and your family.”

“_May you have good health throughout the year. Happy Christmas.”

“_Christmas is not just about opening our presents. It is also about opening our hearts. May this festive season help you open your heart. Happy Christmas.”

“_May peace and good will stay with you throughout your life. Happy Christmas.”

“_May you get the real spirit to enjoy this festive season of Christmas.”

“_Christmas is not a time or a season. It’s a state of mind. May this festive season bring all the joy and peace in your life. Happy Christmas.”

“_May you forgive all your enemies this festive season and start a new chapter in your life with them. Happy Christmas.”

“_May this festive season increase the tolerance in your life against your colleagues. Happy Christmas.”

“_May this season improve your services to your customers. Happy Christmas.”

“_May you set a good example for all the youngsters around. Happy Christmas.”

“_May you respect all the decisions taken by you and your seniors. Happy Christmas.”

“_May you start believing that love is the strongest weapon to kill all the hatred in your life. Happy Christmas.”

“_Christmas is love in action. May everytime you give anything, it’s Christmas.”

“_May this Christmas leads you to your home from all the roads. Merry Christmas.”

“_Christmas is a bridge. May you become a bridge of love with your coworkers.”

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