A Speech About College Student-Athletes Should Be Paid for Playing

Some people can say that,  student – athletes have it very  easy as they get to attend the  school for free and also can  live the life of a college athlete but  that is not the real case in most the situations. College athletes are struggling in the business of marketing from a tender age without playing any sort of professional sports which is in a way a business.

That is the reason, why I believe student – athletes should be paid a fair amount of money to play in college sports. My reasons are that the student athlete may require spending some money and also to support their families at the same time, secondly the various schools along with their huge sport profits off of the students athletes names and performances, and lastly for various big and well-known events where some good student athletes are required to carry the good name of the institution.

 The student – athletes could need spending some good amount of money for themselves, however many students in the college have to struggle with this money problem. On the other hand, due to very demanding practices student – athletes are need to eat more than one full meals a day but they can’t afford those items due to a lack of money. Without getting the proper nutrition and healthy foods, the players will definitely be unable to give performances at their highest level which could unfortunately cost them their hard-earned scholarship money and a good spot on the team. 

The more than half amount of American full-time work contract usually demands that the employee will work for nearly 8 hours in the five days per week. Therefore the salaries are also usually will be given based around a 40 hour work per week.

But if a college football player also gives the same amount of that time of 40 hours to the game they are not given a big amount of money. These hours are getting divided over the training sessions, games, traveling and other required sessions that a student athletes need to attend in order to stay on the team and retain their full scholarship.

The NFL pays the players based on the skills, talents and their performance. The payments are being offered to the professional players only to inspire and motivate them in order to work harder to maintain their good rankings. This hard work also directs to the salary increase in the form of various media events and well-known sponsorship deals. 

The students would not have to force themselves in order to add extra mental stress worrying about from where they will get their required money. If the students did not have the continuous worry about their income, they could be able to freely spend more time while focusing on their game and their classes also.

Colleges can act as more selective in their admittance process when their sports teams give good performance or successful performances. Many of these universities stand within the top 10 colleges in the entire country.  As the trainers work for the educational institutions and often have several helpers and advisors who help them to share the huge workload, there is a huge amount of money needed compared to the other teachers and professors who teachers the other students academically.

Therefore in my opinion, College student-athletes should be paid a good amount for playing.

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