A Speech on Colleges and Universities Should Be Free to Attend

The cost of many colleges is rising now days than inflation in the U.S. Many students have to face many financial constraints while attending to college. Because education is a very important part of our life, there are many reasons can be found as why college should be free as education always helps to positively impact our society in overall.

The progression in machines and technology is making an easy task to increase the chance to get education globally.

 But there is still a very long path to achieve this goal, and many schools and countries are considering the pros and cons of offering the opportunity of an affordable education.

When people get more education, they can solve various critical problems in a better way. This means that our society and as well as our country can progress at a very faster rate.

Another positive thing can be that the people with proper education can better understand the history of their society and its economic situation. For this, they may be more interested to participate in the field of politics and improve the condition of their country.

When a large number of people have access to a good college education, then the number of people for high-skilled jobs increases, thus making the society more powerful. 

The various technological progressions can bring a shift in the workforce. Most machine related jobs are replacing a big number of low-skill workers. Automation is spreading with a great speed across those positions that require same works every day, like the back office tasks.

However, automation should not be used to replace the entire workforce of any institution. Instead, we have to know that there are many works that require a more skilled workforce, with people who possess a good analytical skills and also creative thinking. These skills can be taught mainly with a college education. If more people can get the chance to attend college for free, then the workforce of our society will expand.

Most students have to complete their graduation with a big amount of debt. 

When some students graduate with a debt, they will very likely continue to increase the amount of their debt with interest. So, it can take a very long time before they can manage to free themselves from the clutches of debt that only seems to keep getting bigger. 

On the other hand, if the students were to graduate without the burden of debt, that could rapidly boost their ability to earn, save, and spend, thus making our society strong. This also helps in stimulating the economy of the country. 

Since the ability to afford anything is a major issue for a large number of people when it comes to attending the colleges, the playing field has not been equal at all times.

A lot of the talented students in the world come from the low-income households, but that shouldn’t be a reason to hold them back from getting their education. If there really was an equal chance to attend school for everyone, then everyone would get the chance to attend school. Education which is affordable for each and everyone can become a major step towards equality.

Therefore I think that Colleges and universities should be free to attend.

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