93+ Courage WhatsApp Status That Will Inspire You to Face Your Fears

These days, messaging apps like WhatsApp have become a viable platform for people to share feelings with a friend, inspire them, and give strength to them through status. Here are some powerful, courageous words from our best collections to share with your friends and motivate them in their lowest times through Courage WhatsApp statuses and messages.

Courage Whatsapp status and messages

-Fear is what controls you. Courage is what you control. 

-Plan for voyages; attempt those. There’s nothing to be scared about!

-Courage isn’t about having strength. It’s to stand for right when you don’t have strength. 

-I dare to live beyond creativity and discipline. 

-If you are brave enough, you are free.

-If you have outward courage, you invite death. But with inner courage, you would live.

-Hardship either make a person brave or break. 

-Without being scared, a person cannot build his courage. 

-A boat is protected in the harbor. But that is not what a boat is crafted for. 

-What matters more is who we are the most than what we know. 

-You need to be brave enough to expose your dreams to this society.

-To know how much courageous you are, you have to pass into the unexplored. 

-It demands to be brave to have faith in love one more time…..and always one more time.

-We can never race for new horizons until we grow our strength to drop sight of the border.

-Self-control leads a person towards self-respect, a prime element in building courage. 

-Braveness isn’t having the nerve to go on but going to that point without courage. 

-Without stepping out of your comfy zone, you cannot expect your life to be transformed.

-Always roaring isn’t courage. 

-Sometimes, courage is being quiet and voicing out at the right time. 

-A quiet voice can sometimes stand and say, ‘I will try over tomorrow.”

-Sharing my weakness makes me vulnerable, and being vulnerable is what fuels my strength. 

Courage Whatsapp

brave WhatsApp status

-My fear matters less when I dare to use my powerful strength for social service. 

-Strength is grace under stress.

-In society, some humans have more guts and fewer brains. 

-You can do a lot beyond reputation with enough courage and strength.

-Our life would be miserable if we had no audacity to attempt anything.

-Save your worries to yourself, but share your bravery with society.

-Heroism is a strike to being scared, the sovereignty of being scared – not the absence of despair.

-The bravest thing one has done is to continue to live when he wanted to die. 

-If someone loves you genuinely, that grants you power; loving someone genuinely grants you courage. 

-It’s daring to love someone unconditionally.

-Standing up to your enemies the way you stand up to friends takes great bravery.

-To grow and become who you are, always taking enough fearlessness. 

-FAILURE isn’t Fatal; SUCCESS isn’t Final – it’s the strength to endure that counts.

-Man cannot explore new seas except if he dares to lose eyesight of the shore.

-If you want to rise within, that is much more influential than rising outside. 

Courage Whatsapp

Wise Courage Whatsapp status and messages 

The quality that makes you wise is courage. Courage to stand up for what you believe in 

-When life throws trying situations at you, try to beat them with the courage of your mind

-Being courageous is equal to being honest and upright 

-Courage is my birthright! No one ever stopped you from speaking upright? You should try it! 

-What matters to me is whether I will be regarded as a courageous man after death or not.

-Life is your own book with you as the hero. Wouldn’t you love to be a courageous hero? 

-The death of a coward comes millions of times before salvation but the courageous die only once.

-All I have in mind is to be able to say to god that I have been courageous in my life on earth

-Never try to impress the world by sacrificing your courage

-It is through this thought of being called fake by the world that I show my courage to them

-Do not confuse my politeness with my courage 

-Let’s give each other a fair chance and not just judge what we hear from someone else!

-Be courageous today. You will have children and grandchildren to tell stories about later 😉

-What you earn in life, make sure you have the courage to answer the world about it 

-Real courage lies in respecting back people who respect you!

-I have courage, but I do get afraid because courage allows you do not stop even if you’re afraid.

-You know you’re courageous when you know what to and what not to fear.

-When you are deeply loved, you feel the strength and but when you love someone, you feel the courage.

-No one is born with the quality of being courageous, but everyone is born with potential.

-We cannot practice righteousness without the courage in our hearts.

-To become who you really want to be, you will require courage.

-Life has given me many lessons, and one of them was to be as courageous as possible

-Everyone wants spirituality, but spirituality requires courage from us.

-You don’t need to show courage at all times. You can resort to conformity.

Courage Whatsapp

brave status for WhatsApp

-Some show courage but without using brains, and some don’t know what courage is.

-All the risks in life that I want to take go through the courageous ‘Road not Taken.’

-Courage and integrity go hand in hand. You need the former to live your life with the latter.

-When I don’t let anyone define me, I feel the courage within me.

-I know I have courage because I know how to face my problems.

-Believing in luck means leaving it to chance whilst believing in courage means doing it yourself.

-I am my courage’s biggest strength.

-More than living life dangerously, live life courageously.

-Courage is like a muscle that becomes stronger with more workouts.

-Today, If I want to speak my mind, I will need courage in my heart.

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