A Speech on Cuba Embargo Should Be Maintained by The U.S.

The United States embargo against Cuba prohibits the American businesses, and the businesses with all the commercial activities in the United States of America, from continuing trade business with the Cuban interests. It is the most long-lasting trade embargo in modern history. It is a series of various trade and travel restrictions implemented in response to the Cuban Revolution. The policy of 1962 had the target to force Cuba go into economic isolation.

This embargo very effectively restricts all trade between the two countries, Cuba and the United States, has had many negative effects on the island nation’s economic state and provided the shape of the recent history of the Western Hemisphere. The embargo was the result of growing problems in U.S.-Cuban relations.

At the end of the Cold War and the destruction of the Soviet Union, there was a rapidly increasing chorus of opinions for the United States to remove the long-lasting economic embargo on Cuba. This voice has included even many anti-communist voices like those of former President Richard Nixon and also the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal.

While the embargo is still in the process of continuing today, Castro remains defiant. He refuses and rejects democratic political reforms. Instead, he was conducting an active international campaign to get the embargo removed without providing any economic or political concessions in return.

Castro was trying to force the United States government to lift the embargo in order to revive his subduing communist regime with the help of billions of dollars in trade, investment, and many other facilities. Although the United States stands today alone in its desire on still maintaining the embargo, it must stand strong. Therefore, the Clinton Administration has resisted the opinions about lifting the embargo. Demand that U.S. allies, including Mexico and Canada, want to stop forcing Castro and start to act for a real change. 

The embargo against Cuba has been a very valuable step in giving pressure on the country of Cuba to reform. Lifting the embargo today can send the wrong message to the Castro empire. It could offer strong credibility to a regime that possess great power through the revolution, targeted democratic elections, and never delivered.

One of the main goals of this embargo was to confine Castro’s ability to support those powerful Communist revolutions in other countries. For a long period of time, Castro sent the Cuban troops to formulate a revolution around Latin America and also in Africa. The embargo has given a good reduction in the military size of Cuba, so Castro no longer has the ability and also money to do this. The embargo was also forced with the intention of draining resources from the Soviet Union.

 The embargo serves as an important process to restrict the flow of funds that can reach the hands of the government of Cuba—money, which they use not to feed the civilians, but to spy on its own citizens, and lock up several political opponents. Even money that the tourist business spent in Cuba would also eventually end up mostly in the hands of the government, and would help the corrupt regime rather than helping its people.

Therefore in my opinion The Cuba embargo should be maintained by the U.S.

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