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A day without art is an Internationally event where all the art museums and related organizations across the globe acknowledge and mourn the unfortunate death of all those who died due to AIDS. It is celebrated on 1st Nov. in order to create awareness about AIDS and its correspondence.

Day without Art Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

Day without Art Day- Messages

− It’s heartbreaking of all those lives, all those light that didn’t shine for as long as they should have but still achieved so much. May their soul rest in peace.

− Bring out your deep compassion for all those who are affected by AIDS. Shower your love and care for the people living with AIDS this “Day without Art Day.”

− Each person living with AIDS has an attractive, heart throbbing story to narrate, learn from their actions. Wish them strength and loads of laughter to bear this. 

− Let’s face the heart-throbbing fear and worries and move forward with humbleness. “Day without Art Day.”

− Celebrate all the colorful achievements of the valuable journey of victims. Make this day super special for the people living with AIDS because they are so worth it.

− Today is “Day without Art Day” – Join the globe to raise awareness and erase all the social taboos and stigma attached to it.

− To showcase your valuable support on “Day without Art Day,” get out your unity bands.

− Make your presence a gift by showcasing your valuable time for your loved victims. Stand for your loved ones. “Day without Art Day.”

− This “Day without Art Day,” pick your placards stating awareness and take a stand for the gorgeous people of your life who are fighting against AIDS.

Day without Art Day- Greetings

− Embrace your scars on your body and wear them as medals of success. I wish you guys a happy and successful “Day without Art Day.”

− You are marvelous, you are a ruler, you are super strong, and you are determined to face this AIDS with a contagious smile on your face. All good wishes to you and your family on this “Day without Art Day.”

− Be intense, patient, challenging, and determined to head towards the ultimate pain of your life with joy. 

– Pay your tribute to the worthies {all those who have lost their valuable experiences in AIDS} this “Day without Art Day.”

− Let’s celebrate this “Day without Art Day” by drumming the strengths and happiness of their tradition.

− Let’s be a piece of the pride cake for those standing in their life-threatening marathons and wishing strength the power to all the victims and their witnesses. 

− Let’s become strong this end season of the year against this threatening disease. May, the family, loved ones and all the concerned people stand robust against this heartening illness.

− May you turn stronger for all the lovely people who are standing as warriors against AIDS

– The treatment of AIDS is really very saddening and tear rolling to endure, but we have to give the victims the strength to face it with a smile. Happy “Day without Art Day.

− May we all showcase all our talents To attract attention and contribute as much awareness as we could.

Day Without Art Day quotes

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”
― George Bernard Shaw

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
― Pablo Picasso

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