145+ Dick Vitale Sayings and Quotes That Define College Basketball! (Images)

Dick Vitale, the charismatic and iconic voice of college basketball, is renowned for his passionate and colorful commentary during games.

Beyond his exuberant calls and infectious enthusiasm, Vitale is also celebrated for his memorable sayings that have become synonymous with the sport.

From “diaper dandies” to “PTP’ers,” his unique lexicon has added an extra layer of excitement to the hardwood action.

These Dick Vitale sayings not only encapsulate the spirit of college basketball but also serve as a testament to his enduring impact on the sport’s culture.

In this exploration, we delve into the most legendary phrases that have made Vitale a beloved figure among basketball fans across the nation.

Dick Vitale Sayings

-If you blame others for your losses, then Dick Vitale calls you a loser. 

-A loser is not a person who has lost something. According to Dick Vitale loser is someone who blames others for being one. 

-It was sad to see him lose the game. It was sadder when he started blaming the team for it. According to Dick Vitale, he is the real loser. 

-Your failure is your own. Wear it as if you have a crown. Learn from it. According to Dick Vitale, don’t blame it on others like a loser. 

-Your mistakes are your own. Learn from them. Be the ideal individual. According to Dick Vitale, when you start making excuses for them, then you become a real loser. 

-If you know you gave in your best shot, Dick Vitale will call you a winner. 

-You don’t have to rock the show; all you need to do is to give in your best shot. Dick Vitale calls such people winners. 

-She didn’t even come first. But I was very happy that she gave her best performance. She is a winner, according to me, and so has Dick Vitale said.

-I took a deep breath and told myself that all this failure was not important. What is important is that I am giving my hundred percent to reach my goal. In that was according to Dick Vitale, I am the winner. 

-I get high on illegal stuff. Dick Vitale gets high on coaching. 

-If you have a perfect game plan, seeing it executed gives a different kind of happiness and high, according to Dick Vitale.

-I had a game plan, and I wanted it to be executed. It gives a different kind of sense of power and high. Dick Vitale would relate to my thoughts. 

-I exhibited on these lovely fields. But watching others according to my game plan is a very different kind of feeling. Like Dick Vitale would say, it is a different high. 

Dick Vitale Sayings And Quotes

-Sometimes, the game plan looks amazing in my head but may not really work so well on the field. Coaching is high, as Dick Vitale has said. But it might also give you hangovers. 

-Team didn’t do so well on the field. I wouldn’t blame them. My game plan didn’t work out. Like Dick Vitale has said, it is ultimate happiness to see your game plan get perfectly executed, but some days your game plan isn’t really perfect. 

-Dick Vitale wanted to say that having a degree won’t teach you as much as your real-life experiences will. 

-Your every plan may not work. You may not always be the best. The idea is to give the best, according to Dick Vitale. 

-It was not about having a degree. It was about real learning about life. That doesn’t happen in class. That happens in the world outside. Dick Vitale knew about it. 

-Even if you have a degree, it is of no use if you don’t know about life. Your real learning will not take place in class. It will take place on your dinner table, according to Dick Vitale. 

-You may have any degree and still not know anything. Still, with your family or friends at the dinner table, there your real learning will take place as it did for Dick Vitale. 

-Time is the key. If you give something your time, things bloom beautifully. Dick Vitale learned it from his parents. 

-Time is the key to handling very relationship, according to Dick Vitale. If you don’t have time for them, it is not even worth it.

-He gave me everything other than his time; what did he expect would happen? Dick Vitale said that things happen beautifully when they are given time. 

-You don’t require degrees to decipher affection and love. Dick Vitale’s parents did not have any; still, they made their children fall in love with the idea of love. 

-Dick Vitale knew a degree is not required to learn about love and life. No class will ever teach you that. It is only people around you that are going to be your best teachers. 

-Relationships need one most important thing, which is time. You might give each other everything, and if you don’t have time, you can’t expect much out of it. Dick Vitale said it right. 

-You don’t need a formal education to understand love. Time is the key. You give it to each other, and everything is going to be beautiful. Dick Vitale learned this from his parents. 

-According to Dick Vitale, life is all about decisions. Good ones take you to a better place, and bad ones don’t. 

-Life goes in a simple way. It is all about your decision that will decide what place you will be in according to Dick Vitale. 

-Life is not as painful as you think it is. All you need to do is make the right choices, and then things will go the right way, according to Dick Vitale. 

-Life might be all about choices, according to Dick Vitale. But how do we know what is the right choice at a point in time? Sometimes wrong choices sound so right. They make you feel a different kind of high. 

-You don’t know if a choice is right or wrong unless you have already taken it. Life may not be as simple as Dick Vitale say it is. 

-Your most right choices may turn out to be the worst decisions of your life. Dick Vitale says life is simple. But it isn’t. You never know what will turn against you and when. 

Dick Vitale Quotes

“It’s awesome, baby!”

“This game is a diaper dandy!”

“He’s a PTP’er – Prime Time Player!”

“Get a TO, baby! Get a TO!”

“He’s a PTPer, a prime-time performer!”

“They’re playing with a lot of emotion, baby!”

“They’re on fire from downtown, baby!”

“He’s a human highlight film!”

“The crowd is absolutely bananas!”

“This place is rocking and rolling, baby!”

“That was a fantastic, sensational, unbelievable play!”

“This is March Madness at its finest!”

“The Cameron Crazies are going nuts!”

“Diaper dandy alert!”

“He’s a one-man wrecking crew!”

“The Blue Devils are playing basketball poetry!”

“This is what college basketball is all about!”

“He’s as cool as the other side of the pillow!”

“Are you kidding me, ref?!”

“The intensity in this building is off the charts!”

“He’s got the whole package, baby!”

“These kids are playing with so much heart!”

“That was a slam-jam, thank-you-ma’am!”

“That was a T.O. by the opposition!”

“These kids are leaving it all on the floor, baby!”

Dick Vitale Famous Saying

“He’s a PTW – Prime-Time Winner, baby!”

“He’s got the J, the jam, and the jelly, baby!”

“This game is hotter than a pepper sprout!”

“They’re diving on the floor for loose balls!”

“They’re playing with a lot of moxie!”

“That’s a ticky-tack foul, baby!”

“He’s a dunk-a-roo, baby!”

“The intensity in this arena is off the charts!”

“They’re playing 94 feet of defense!”

“He’s got the velcro touch!”

“That’s a slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of play!”

“The roof is about to blow off this place!”

“He’s got a Ph.D. in hoopology, baby!”

“The fans are going bananas, baby!”

“He’s got the stroke, the poke, and the hope!”

“This game is like a rollercoaster!”

“They’re playing with a lot of razzle-dazzle!”

“He’s a human scoring machine!”

“That’s a prime-time performance, baby!”

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